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Featured Image Case Study Clearsense 2020
Featured Image Case Study Clearsense 2020

Get to Know Our Client

In this Clearsense 20/20 Case Study, learn how a large physician services company had an urgent need to predict radiologist demand by day, hour, and facility with high accuracy — 60 days in advance.

Their Challenge

Typically using spreadsheets, the demand planning process was time-consuming and often inaccurate — wasting staffing hours with little positive outcomes. With hundreds of different facilities operating in dynamic environments, predictions needed to be customized and updated on a regular basis — better enabling the provider to staff accurately for patient needs.

of different facilities
Accuracy Needed
Days in Advance

Our Solution

Using the Clearsense 20/20® application as the core analytics engine, Clearsense® automated the delivery of adaptable models to the client in a matter of a few weeks.

With models wrapped in a web service that was deployed as a docker container, Clearsense 20/20 allowed key variables to be discovered. This helped identify periodic components of time, allowing the provider to better understand hourly and daily demand. Simple change management features additionally enabled the client to redeploy the models weekly, recalibrating demand based on changes in the market.

Client Testimonial

Clearsense 20/20™ not only eliminated error-ridden spreadsheets and vast volumes of wasted employee time, but the solution also gave us insights into forecasting, which offered our patients a better quality of care.

Dramatically improving demand forecasts by facility by the hour, AI technology eliminated the need for inaccurate spreadsheets and employee hours. Retaining all the information needed, the tool allowed for a rapid response to changing environments — often predicting more than 60 days in advance.

Harnessing Agility Amid Change

With increased insight, the provider was able to adjust to a rapidly changing environment, which was more accurate and reduced costs. During the initial Covid shutdown, the approach was able to adjust to the radical change in business in as short as two weeks, allowing the client to shift resources quicker than competitors and readjusting over the next two years.

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