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Clearsense Data Survey: What do AI, Data Quality, EHR Issues, and Resources All Have in Common?Global

What Do AI, Data Quality, EHR Issues, and Resources All Have in Common?

We wanted to delve deeper into data issues and shed light on the most pressing concerns of healthcare organizations. That's why we conducted the Clearsense Data Survey on LinkedIn, where we gathered insights from industry professionals on their data-related challenges. In this blog, we present the findings of this survey and offer expert analysis on the key issues affecting data quality and EHR integration.
Clearsense Spotify 2022 Wrapped PlaylistGlobal

2022 Wrapped Playlist

Have you received a Spotify Wrapped this Holiday Season? As many start to look backward in 2022, we made one of our own. Our "2022 Wrapped" speaks to our rapid ROI and better patient outcomes because, at Clearsense, we believe better data is everyone's job!
Kate-Madonna Hindes
December 15, 2022
Top 5 Spots in Madison for UGMGlobal

Top 5 Spots to Check Out in Madison at the Epic UGM

The Epic UGM is right around the corner. And while we're sure you're excited to collaborate and network with other healthcare professionals, we know that you may also be looking for a thing or two to do on your nights off. We reached out to our Madison, WI local team members, including President Kevin Field, to compile some top recommendations to check out in the downtown Madison area to help make your trip, well, epic.
Kate-Madonna Hindes
July 15, 2022
Clearsense Client ForumGlobal

First Clearsense Client Forum 2020

Part of our mission at Clearsense is to continue to innovate and collaborate with our clients, channel partners, and industry leaders to future-proof toolsets, accelerate data maturity, and gain insights using data-driven decisions. In order to empower data confidence, we knew we needed to connect with those using our data platform first-hand.
Kate-Madonna Hindes
December 1, 2020
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