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1Clearsense™ Data Analytics & Interoperability Platform

Research Enablement

Taking the Guesswork out of Data Research

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Research enablement is pivotal in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes. By providing researchers with access to robust data analytics tools, interoperable data sources, and secure data management systems, healthcare organizations empower them to explore and analyze vast datasets effectively. This enables researchers to gain valuable insights, identify patterns, and make evidence-based decisions that drive medical discoveries, personalized treatments, and innovations.

Expand your organization’s capacity and create a holistic environment that enables quality, scalability, value-based care, and more. Developed by clinicians and data science experts, 1Clearsense is designed to meet the evolving needs of healthcare organizations, providing a seamless platform for exploring, tracking, sharing, collaborating, visualizing, and exporting data effortlessly—all with code-free, state-of-the-art data analysis. Healthcare institutions can foster a culture of continuous learning and drive progress toward more effective and patient-centric healthcare solutions.

1Clearsense Provider Research Enablement
1Clearsense Clearsense Next-Generation Data Management Payer Provider Application Rationalization

The Clearsense Approach

1Clearsense, an all-in-one healthcare data platform, aggregates data from various sources and is powered by the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model. This model offers pre-built integrations and accelerators to rapidly implement connections, mapping, and data quality rules, ensuring data lineage and traceability. With payer and provider data residing within the common healthcare data model, organizations can determine the source of truth and assign trust rules. Collaborating with organizations, Clearsense establishes granular data access policies and assigns security controls. Accessible data can be seamlessly utilized in 1Clearsense analytics, outgoing integrations, and customized applications through 1Clearsense's bring-your-own-tool (BYOT) capabilities.

How Clearsense Helps

  • Efficiently scale projects within a secure environment, seamlessly tracking and analyzing insights and patterns.
  • Enable clinical trials with an efficient data-driven approach.
  • Accelerate research by rapidly creating, exploring, and discovering cohorts of any level of complexity in real time.
  • Leverage purpose-designed reporting applications to assess and improve performance, utilization of services, and costs.
  • Prevent and lower patients’ risk by using clinical data and analytics to transform observed care trends and evidence-based practices into population care standards.
Clearsense 1Clearsense Provider Research Enablement

Client Success

Gain Better Efficiency & More Funding with Research Enablement

Headquartered in Arizona, this health system is deeply committed to its nonprofit mission of making healthcare accessible, regardless of a patient’s background or financial standing. Annually, this health system provides $750 million in community benefits for free screenings, assistance, and more.
Reduction in Request-to-Ingest

See it in Action

Are you curious how 1Clearsense can enhance Research Enablement, leading to improved organizational profitability and patient outcomes?

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Research Enablement Benefits

Research Enablement 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 1

Enable seamless exploration, preparation, and visualization of your healthcare data.

Research Enablement 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 2

Provide secure, role-based access control across your organization with roles tailored to your organization’s policies.

Research Enablement 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 3

Intuitive to use and does not require IT, coding, or technical skills.

Research Enablement 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 4

Turn complex databases into logical datasets and coded values into human-readable terminology.

Research Enablement 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 5

Extract deeper insights and dig into the specific reasons behind metrics instantly and easily.

Research Enablement 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 6

Fully audited cohort, report lineage, and timeline with easy-to-access cohort and report definitions.

Why Providers Choose Clearsense

1Clearsense Clearsense Provider Healthcare Specific

Healthcare Specific

We are 100% focused on the healthcare industry, which means we understand your data challenges and opportunities.

1Clearsense Clearsense Provider Data-First Approach

Data-First Approach

1Clearsense eliminates assumptions and replaces them with trusted data that can be implemented without barriers or fear.

1Clearsense Self-Service Analytics Clearsense

Organizational Empowerment

Business and IT users across the enterprise are empowered with transparent access to their data and self-serve analytics.

Leverage the Strength of Your Data

Are you ready for a trusted and transparent view of your data and analytics?

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