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1Clearsense™ Data Analytics & Interoperability Platform

Application Rationalization & Archiving

Retain your historical data, accelerate application

decommissioning, and realize cost savings.

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In today’s healthcare environment, organizations strive to optimize operational efficiency, lower costs, and improve data integration. Application rationalization and archiving play a vital role in streamlining the application landscape, involving assessing, organizing, and optimizing applications and data. With 1Clearsense, identifying redundant, outdated, or underutilized applications becomes efficient, leading to accelerated application decommissioning through comprehensive data management and aggregation.

Through the application rationalization and archiving functions of 1Clearsense, your organization’s legacy data is seamlessly integrated from disparate sources across the enterprise into a single, integrated view. 1Clearsense offers healthcare systems the unique power to keep raw data compliant, accessible, searchable, and valuable for future insights in a cloud-agnostic environment with minimal IT effort. It also integrates with live applications through EMPI and patient contextual links.

Application Rationalization Archiving 1Clearsense Clearsense
1Clearsense Clearsense Next-Generation Data Management Payer Provider Application Rationalization
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The Clearsense Approach

1Clearsense, an all-in-one healthcare data platform, aggregates data from various sources and is powered by the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model. This model offers pre-built integrations and accelerators to rapidly implement connections, mapping, and data quality rules, ensuring data lineage and traceability. With payer and provider data residing within the common healthcare data model, organizations can determine the source of truth and assign trust rules. Collaborating with organizations, Clearsense establishes granular data access policies and assigns security controls. Accessible data can be seamlessly utilized in 1Clearsense analytics, outgoing integrations, and customized applications through 1Clearsense's bring-your-own-tool (BYOT) capabilities.

How Clearsense Helps

  • Accelerate application decommissioning for many common EHRs, ERPs, and ancillary systems while making the data available in production systems.
  • Aggregate data from disparate systems into a single, integrated view.
  • Deliver a flexible, unified report viewer for images, tabular reports, and dashboard visualizations.
  • Keep raw data compliant, accessible, and valuable for future insights.
  • Provide a direct integration with live applications through EMPI and patient contextual links.
application rationalization & archiving 1Clearsense Clearsense

Client Success

Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI

A large, nationally recognized not-for-profit midwest Catholic health integrated delivery network with 93 total hospitals and more than 3,000 total applications needed an archiving solution to meet their growing needs.
Systems Archived/Decommissioned
Annual Cost Savings

Application Rationalization & Archiving Benefits

Application Rationalization Archiving 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 1

Quickly decommission legacy clinical and operational systems, saving millions by eliminating recurring, annual licensing costs.

Application Rationalization Archiving 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 2

Prepare legal, medical records and aggregate data across any archived legacy system, delivering intuitive, elastic search capabilities to support faster results.

Application Rationalization Archiving 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 3

Consolidate legacy data into a single, intuitive platform for easy access.

Application Rationalization Archiving 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 4

All patient data can be accessed through one easy-to-use viewer launched directly from within your EMR.

Application Rationalization Archiving 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 5

Customized views, quick filters, and keyword search capabilities.

Application Rationalization Archiving 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 6

AD-based access permissions and restrictions.

Why Providers Choose Clearsense

1Clearsense Clearsense Provider Healthcare Specific

Healthcare Specific

We are 100% focused on the healthcare industry, which means we understand your data challenges and opportunities.

1Clearsense Clearsense Provider Data-First Approach

Data-First Approach

1Clearsense eliminates assumptions and replaces them with trusted data that can be implemented without barriers or fear.

1Clearsense Self-Service Analytics Clearsense

Organizational Empowerment

Business and IT users across the enterprise are empowered with transparent access to their data and self-serve analytics.

Leverage the Strength of Your Data

Are you ready for a trusted and transparent view of your data and analytics?

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