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One of the largest non-profit healthcare systems with over 50,000 employees in the United States wanted to streamline the way its employees and clinical staff researched and analyzed patient data. Previous methods were time-consuming and involved manual searching, heavily coded reports, and relying on the data science teams. With the goal of making its data as accessible as possible, Clearsense helped this client to accelerate research and deliver enhanced patient insights using our Population Health application.

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Their Challenge

With a commitment to scientific discovery and a drive to innovate the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of specific diseases, the health organization wanted to find a solution that would accelerate its research process and transform the way employees, medical residents, and its University partner explored, analyzed and created patient cohorts without manual searching.

With a reliance on an honest broker and team of data scientists to fulfill requests, searching in Cerner was a lengthy process, and the organization wanted to make its data as accessible as possible and drive quality improvements while still ensuring process compliance.

Our Solution

With Clearsense, the healthcare system was able to bring data together from multiple sources, enabling users to explore, analyze and visualize population health data in a matter of minutes. The solution also enabled the provider’s networks’ clinical researchers and academic partners with direct, code-free access to the organization’s most valuable clinical data by bringing data together from multiple sources. With a holistic view of their population’s health needs to facilitate research, accelerate clinical breakthroughs, and deliver better patient outcomes, the organization can do more, faster than ever before.

By removing dependence on honest brokers and data scientists, clinical staff and researchers are empowered to use 1Clearsense to quickly and easily identify groups of patients to meet their specific criteria and accelerate their research. This reduces caseloads for the honest broker team and has freed up their resources, enabling them to meet increasing requests for new data and focus on the most complex data querying or increasing the coverage of data mapped to common standards, such as OMOP.

Key Takeaways

increase in organization-wide analytics activity within nine months of go-live
  • Provided the institute’s clinical staff and researchers with an easy and meaningful way to access data and enable research

  • The analytics platform is self-service and does not require advanced technical capabilities or coding knowledge.

  • The organization can now assimilate data from multiple sources, create a holistic view of the data for 7.5 million patients, and grow, improving opportunities for impacting health incomes and grants.

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Kate-Madonna Hindes

Director of Marketing

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