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1Clearsense™ Data Analytics & Interoperability Platform

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Having reliable and trustworthy data is essential for making well-informed decisions that enhance patient well-being and propel healthcare advancements. The 1Clearsense platform is an intuitive, user-friendly data and analytics platform that seamlessly integrates data from disparate sources across the enterprise into a single, integrated view. By providing this unified and comprehensive view, payers, providers, and payviders gain enhanced accessibility and usability, realizing greater flexibility and agility in their operations.

1Clearsense is specifically designed for the everyday user, with a strong focus on data governance, empowering users to comprehend and utilize data more effectively by drastically reducing the need to depend on IT or data analysts. By harnessing the domain-driven Clearsense Healthcare Data Model, data rules, and policies, 1Clearsense enables better financial, clinical, and operational outcomes while promoting trust, agility, and delivering valuable insights.

With a focus on data ingestion, management, and consumption, the 1Clearsense Platform allows providers, payers, and payviders to:

  • Manage, build, establish trust in, and leverage the fabric of their data simply and intuitively.
  • Easily consume and utilize data to make well-informed decisions in near real-time with a data-first approach.
  • Reduce data latency to address questions and improve the organization quickly.
  • Utilize a cloud-agnostic infrastructure, allowing organizations to optimize cloud costs and have a ready-to-use environment that places workloads in the right location to manage data consistently.
  • Optimize internal resource costs by leveraging our established partnership with multiple cloud vendors and technology—bringing ROI to the forefront.

Our Data Mission

At Clearsense, we believe data is the most valuable asset for healthcare organizations. 1Clearsense enables seamless data interaction, management, and trust-building, empowering users to enrich, leverage, and rely on their data, facilitating well-informed decision-making.

Intelligent Interoperability for Seamless Communication and Data Exchange

1Clearsense is designed to meet the diverse messaging needs of payers and providers, facilitating the efficient and secure exchange of critical information supporting industry-standard patient data formats, including CCD, ADT, HL7, FHIR, USCDI, and more. Incorporated accelerators are designed to address common challenges in payer-provider exchanges, such as claims and CCDs. It also supports and enables readiness for the CMS 2026 Proposed Rule for interoperability APIs. The accelerators for data mappings and processes bring a new level of automation to business processes and workflows.

Clearsense Healthcare Data Model Image 1clearsense
Powered by the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model, 1Clearsense ensures compatibility and modernization, promoting a unified and future-proof approach to data exchange. Organizations can leverage the 1Clearsense to provide:
  • Scalable mapping
  • Data quality
  • Business rules for key healthcare domains
  • Tailored accelerators optimize data exchange
  • Interoperability for patients/members, providers, employers, and payers
  • And so much more!
The Next-Generation
Platform that is
simple. secure. smart. scalable.

The average hospital produces roughly 50 petabytes of data annually from 7 different health information systems and external sources such as The Joint Commission and CMS. 1Clearsense allows organizations to aggregate and manage all the data across their data ecosystem and access data in a cloud-agnostic environment with minimal IT effort through a single, intuitive user interface.

Using FHIR APIs to access and integrate data from different sources gives our clients a holistic view of their data, regardless of where it came from. FHIR and SMART on FHIR are used to help our clients develop custom applications and analytics solutions that leverage their healthcare data.

Data Ingestion

Seamlessly bring data from disparate systems into a single, unified platform.

Data Management

Maintain and manage all technical & business metadata, master & reference data, data quality, & analytics governance.

Data Consumption

Manage and view data with multiple lenses necessary for clinical, financial, and operational use cases.

Democratize your Data. Empower Your Organization.

With 1Clearsense, you’ll have access to self-service analytics that prioritize data accessibility and empower users at all levels of the organization. By drastically reducing the need for technical experts, Clearsense enables a data-driven culture throughout the organization. Embracing the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) methodology, 1Clearsense seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and investments, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the value of your technology stack.

With just a few clicks, 1Clearsense puts analytics and data in the hands of everyday users through:

Exploring Data

Uncover valuable insights, trends, and correlations.

Generating Insights

Extract meaningful and actionable information from the data exploration process.

Creating Visualizations

Present complex information in a clear and visually engaging manner.

Embedding Insights

Embed insights into workflows in a target or production (legacy) application as a webpage or included in and outgoing integration or interoperability.

Exchanging Data

Interoperate across multiple data sources and organizations to enable better visibility into data to support improved operations and patient outcomes.

Cloud Partners

1Clearsense runs effectively across all cloud platforms, and we have aligned to each of our clients’ cloud-first strategy, which could be in Amazon, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

What Differentiates Clearsense

Built for Everyday Users

Put analytics and data in the hands of everyday users empowering them to use the data effortlessly and build a data-driven culture.

Healthcare Data Model

The Clearsense Healthcare Data Model aggregates all your data into common and understandable formats empowering rapid data ingestion, elevated agility and flexibility, scalability, and a strong ROI.

Data Governance

Because every single piece of data could impact a future patient outcome, data governance provides the definitions, harmonization, lineage, and data use guidelines required for self-service analytics.

Leverage the Strength of Your Data

Are you ready to for a trusted and transparent view of your data and analytics?

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