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Meet the next generation advanced healthcare analytics and AI platform built for everyday users: domain experts, analysts, clinicians, or researchers

Predictive Analytics. Accessible to All.

With the Clearsense 20/20 advanced healthcare analytics solution, your organization gains agile and interpretable tools, providing trusted insights much sooner than our competitors. More importantly, it removes the technical knowledge and skills required, empowering everyday users to go beyond reports that only look backward – exploring and transforming data into insights and actions to change tomorrow’s outcomes.

Clearsense 20/20 empowers healthcare organizations to easily engage in advanced analytics without an extensive data science team to drive faster, more accurate clinical, financial, and operational outcomes adding value to your data.


Reduce Time to Insights

Quickly see what matters, and start to adapt, react, and dig deeper into your data.

Predict with Confidence

No more trial-and-error model fitting; use a custom model built on the fly and provide the why behind each prediction.

Change Tomorrow’s Outcomes

Effectively change outcomes with strategic and tactical recommendations based on the evidence in your data.

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Predictive Analytics. Accessible to All.

Clearsense 20/20 Meharry Medical College

Using Clearsense 20/20 to Predict Renal Failure

Case Study | Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI
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Using Clearsense 20/20 to Predict Renal Failure at Meharry Medical College

Case Study | Clearsense 20/20

Meharry Medical College, a small, private, historically black college/university (HBCU) sought to better rates of health equity through exploring real failure in underserved populations.

There were two main areas of focus - a better understanding of disparities surrounding Black Americans and develop new testing and mitigation efforts.
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Take your data from hypothesis to predictive models in minutes, not months with Clearsense 20/20

The future of medical and health organizations lay in putting the power of advanced healthcare analytics in the hands of many, empowering business owners to leverage trusted data to change the way that they operate and deliver care.

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Clearsense 20/20 has lowered the barrier to entry for organizations to use their data to help predict and prevent anything from patient outcomes to operations.

Historically, organizations have taken months or even years to take concepts from research to application, with technology being a major limiting factor. Those days are soon to be in the past. We have lowered the barriers to engaging in advanced analytics – regardless of size, resources, or maturity level.

Clearsense 20/20 offers true ROI, better bottom-line results, and most importantly better patient outcomes for all healthcare organizations. Start democratizing your analytics across your organization today!

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