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Provider Data Management

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In healthcare organizations, provider data originates from various sources, including the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), credentialing systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and more. Typically, these data sources are managed and updated by different departments within the organization, resulting in a lack of standardized organization, sharing, or consistency across various systems and operational areas. To address these challenges, organizations must undertake the task of aggregating and consolidating this diverse data. It’s imperative to validate the quality of key attributes, such as identities and credentials. Once this trusted data is established, it can be leveraged organization-wide to enhance operational efficiency, facilitate reporting, and inform decision-making processes.

Gone are the days of belief in a “single” source of truth. The reality is that multiple definitions of “truth” or appropriate context or high-quality data are needed by use case. Provider data that is critical to display on a patient directory to comply with the No Surprises Act may differ from the provider data needed for credentialing and claims submission. Organizations must be agile in understanding their data, define sources of truth by use case, and put that data to work.

1Clearsense empowers organizations to optimize data integrity for external reporting and improve financial operations through accurate provider data management.

1Clearsense Provider Provider Data Management

The Clearsense Approach

1Clearsense, an all-in-one healthcare data platform, aggregates data from various sources and is powered by the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model. This model offers pre-built integrations and accelerators to rapidly implement connections, mapping, and data quality rules, ensuring data lineage and traceability. With payer and provider data residing within the common healthcare data model, organizations can determine the source of truth and assign trust rules. Accessible data can be seamlessly utilized in 1Clearsense analytics, outgoing integrations, and customized applications through 1Clearsense's bring-your-own-tool (BYOT) capabilities.

How Clearsense Helps

  • Identify and resolve data errors in applications and sources across the enterprise with a comprehensive and transparent view of the data.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Increase revenue growth by reducing claims denials related to provider data quality.
  • Inspect data and identify opportunities to standardize, cleanse, or merge data.
  • Apply context, intelligence, and automation to business workflows using provider data, metadata, and connected data sources.
  • Gain transparency and comparison across all data sources contributing to the source of truth to empower trust and data quality improvement across your entire data ecosystem.

Client Success

Data Management for Provider and Location Data

Learn how a large distributed healthcare system helped staff regain trust in their provider and location data and gave their team the power to pursue powerful outcomes related to referral management, market analysis, and patient retention. It’s also the story of how Clearsense purpose-built a data-driven application that aggregated, governed, and presented a single, rich data set for end-user consumption.
Care Sites

Provider Data Management Benefits

Provider Data Management 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 1

A data domain-driven approach that allows organizations to support aggregating diverse data sets into customer-defined provider data fields.

Provider Data Management 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 2

Creation of an enterprise-wide golden record of core provider data.

Provider Data Management 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 3

User-friendly, role-based access to view and contribute to the curated source of truth.

Provider Data Management 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 4

Future-proofed microservices architecture and data democratization philosophy to support flexible use of data.

Provider Data Management 1Clearsense Clearsense Icon 5

Robust data source ingestion (RDBMS, CSV, Flat File, API) and outgoing integration (API, HL7, FHIR) with healthcare standards in mind.

Why Providers Choose Clearsense

1Clearsense Clearsense Provider Healthcare Specific

Healthcare Specific

We are 100% focused on the healthcare industry, which means we understand your data challenges and opportunities.

1Clearsense Clearsense Provider Data-First Approach

Data-First Approach

1Clearsense eliminates assumptions and replaces them with trusted data that can be implemented without barriers or fear.

1Clearsense Self-Service Analytics Clearsense

Organizational Empowerment

Business and IT users across the enterprise are empowered with transparent access to their data and self-serve analytics.

Leverage the Strength of Your Data

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