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Healthcare Data Model Framework

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Highly mature and robust domain model

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Introducing the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model

The Clearsense Healthcare Data Model is a highly mature and robust domain model combined with Clearsense data integration accelerators that facilitate rapid data acquisition, conformance, management, and interoperability across payer, provider, and research data sources. It provides a unified and optimized view of clinical, financial, and operational healthcare data at an enterprise level. These advanced data models adhere to industry standards, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration and interoperability with existing client systems. By incorporating best practices and domain expertise, the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model caters to healthcare’s unique requirements and complexities, enabling efficient and effective data management, quality, analysis, and insight.

The Clearsense Healthcare Data Model offers a comprehensive library of over 1,000 pre-built data integration tasks and mass ingestion designs. These resources are designed per industry-leading design pattern standards, ensuring adherence to best practices and accelerating implementations. The out-of-the-box functionality enables healthcare organizations to leverage standardized and efficient data integration and interoperability processes, saving time and effort in data mapping and ingestion. The dynamic capabilities of the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model eliminate the need to rebuild from scratch each time new dataset expands, enhancing flexibility and agility. The extensive collection of pre-built integrations provides a solid foundation for data management and analytics within the healthcare domains.

Did You Know?

The Clearsense Healthcare Data Model allows flexibility in adding needed domains and attributes to support the entire healthcare enterprise. With the ability to quickly aggregate all the data together, this revolutionary platform’s accelerators organize all data into common and understandable formats so it can be used reliably and quickly.

Components of the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model

Acquisition Zone

Real-time and Batch Data Lake

The Acquisition Zone enables seamless ingestion of diverse healthcare data from various sources with real-time, near real-time, and batch accelerators. It ensures data integrity through built-in audit, quality, and control attributes, supporting real-time messaging and dynamic connectivity to primary transactional systems. With prebuilt ingestion accelerators for payer, provider, revenue cycle, credentialing, and MDM sources, it expedites implementation and reduces configuration efforts.

Exploration Zone

Business Friendly Domain Model

The Exploration Zone is the enterprise layer for data governance and management, enabling insight and provisioning capabilities. It incorporates business and technical metadata, includes accelerators for common data sources, and ensures consistency through common enterprise tables. Audit, quality, and control attributes enhance data integrity, while streamlined implementation is supported with payer and provider data domains.












Accts Recievables

Eligibility / Enrollment


Consumption Zone

Out-of-the-box connectivity, data models, & metadata optimized for healthcare applications, interoperability, & analytics

The optimized products of the consumption zone enable seamless integration, efficient data flow, rules engines, workflows, and quick insights for data-driven decision-making in healthcare. With Clearsense, organizations can enhance application performance, promote interoperability, and leverage data to improve patient care and operational excellence.

Key Advantages

Clearsense Time To Value 1Clearsense Data Model

Accelerate time to value & fuel self-service analytics

Streamlined data access and analysis, empowering users with self-service analytics for faster actionable insights.

Clearsense Connect Data 1Clearsense Data Model

Healthcare-specific models & seamless data integration

Pre-built models and seamless data integration tailored specifically to the healthcare industry.

Clearsense Healthcare Data Model 1Clearsense Data Model

Connect all data

Designed to support the diverse data landscape of the healthcare industry.

Clearsense Scalability 1Clearsense Data Model


Effortlessly scaled with growing data volumes, enabling efficient handling of expanding datasets and unlocking valuable insights throughout your healthcare analytics journey.

Clearsense ROI 1Clearsense Data Model

Return on investment

The Clearsense Healthcare Data Model enables efficient data processing, streamlined analytics workflows, and improved decision-making, ultimately leading to cost savings, enhanced operational efficiency, and better patient outcomes.

Why Choose Clearsense

Clearsense has a proven track record of implementing diverse business use cases for our clients through previous implementations at some of the largest healthcare organizations in the US. This extensive experience allows us to provide architectural solutions and implementation expertise and become a valuable business partner.

We ensure our clients have reliable and accurate data insight for their operations by leveraging our enterprise data models, integration, and analytic deployments to drive data quality, conformance, and governance.

We have successfully collaborated with payers and providers on various projects, from designing architecture and integration deployments to incorporating payer data into our provider deployments. Our expertise extends to handling complex data quality challenges related to eligibility and enrollment and processing claims at different levels of granularity. With Clearsense design patterns and accelerators, we excel in addressing intricate business scenarios, such as retroactivity in enrollment and eligibility data (Type III processing).

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