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1Clearsense™ Data Analytics & Interoperability Platform

Equipping Providers with Transparent Data Access and Self-Service Analytics.

Address cost reduction, access disparate data, and

accelerate analytics & digital initiatives.

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In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, data-driven decision-making and digital transformation are essential for providers to address cost reduction, access disparate data, and accelerate their analytics and digital initiatives. Clearsense is a trusted partner, equipping organizations with the necessary tools, agility, speed, and elevated data literacy to navigate the complexities of their digital strategy and analytics maturity with the 1Clearsense Data Analytics & Interoperability Platform. The Clearsense Healthcare Data Model drives this platform—a highly mature and robust domain model that aligns with FHIR interoperability standards. With this domain-based model, provider organizations can easily aggregate various data sources and focus on utilizing the data quickly, enabling richer data analytics.

Partnering with Clearsense unlocks valuable benefits for healthcare provider organizations, allowing them to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape and maximize the value of their data. The 1Clearsense Platform empowers users with transparent access to their data and self-serve analytics, enabling them to adapt and make informed decisions efficiently. 1Clearsense elevates the data analytics abilities of the entire workforce. The integrated, transparent, agile, and user-friendly platform offers end-to-end data management solutions, ensuring seamless data operations and enhancing client value.

With a focus on data ingestion, management, and consumption, the 1Clearsense Platform allows providers to:

  • Quickly decommission legacy clinical and operational systems, saving millions by eliminating recurring, annual licensing costs.
  • Prepare legal, medical records and aggregate data across any archived legacy system, delivering intuitive, elastic search capabilities to support faster results.

  • Identify and resolve data errors in applications and source systems across the enterprise with a comprehensive and transparent view of the data
  • Accelerate research by rapidly creating, exploring, and sharing cohorts of any level of complexity in real time.

  • Understand the impact on the organization across quality, patient satisfaction, revenues, and costs.

  • Track quality measures, identify improvement areas, and implement evidence-based practices, care coordination, and patient engagement strategies.

  • Drive continuous improvement and deliver high-quality care by continuously measuring and monitoring quality measures.

The Clearsense Approach

1Clearsense, an all-in-one healthcare data platform, aggregates data from various sources and is powered by the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model. This model offers pre-built integrations and accelerators to rapidly implement connections, mapping, and data quality rules, ensuring data lineage and traceability. With payer and provider data residing within the common healthcare data model, organizations can determine the source of truth and assign trust rules.
Collaborating with organizations, Clearsense establishes granular data access policies and assigns security controls. Accessible data can be seamlessly utilized in 1Clearsense analytics, outgoing integrations, and customized applications through 1Clearsense's bring-your-own-tool (BYOT) capabilities.

Seamless Interoperability and Data Sharing

The intelligent interoperability functionality of 1Clearsense supports any data domain and leverages open standard-based technologies like FHIR, SMART on FHIR, HL7, APIs, and others to enhance patient care and drive better outcomes. These data domains can be processed in real-time, near real-time, or batch and harmonized within the Clearsense Healthcare Data Model, enriching them with relevant data and analytics. Reduce manual steps by applying automation and workflows, resulting in improved throughput time. We continually expand our support for data domain types and enhance the robustness of our workflows and automation capabilities. Break down data silos, integrate disparate data sources, and access critical patient information – in a single, comprehensive view.

Next-Generation Data Management

With a focus on data ingestion, management, and consumption, the next-generation data management functionality of 1Clearsense gives provider organizations access to over 1000 pre-built data integrations, accelerating data mapping, application of data quality rules, managing reference data, and supporting other data governance functions, enhancing agility and flexibility. By managing data effectively, providers can scale their data use across multiple use cases, including application rationalization and archiving, research enablement, provider master data management, and value-based care in population health, ensuring the highest quality and trust of data.

Data Ingestion

Seamlessly bring data from disparate systems into a single, unified platform.

Data Management

Maintain and manage all technical & business metadata, master & reference data, data quality, & analytics governance.

Data Consumption

Manage and view data with multiple lenses necessary for clinical, financial, and operational use cases.

Advanced Healthcare Analytics

Out-of-the-box, self-service analytics have lowered the barrier to entry for everyday users to engage in advanced analytics, regardless of size, resource, or maturity level, to use data to help predict and prevent anything from patient outcomes to operations. Focused on the most common provider needs, such as financial performance, regulatory compliance, and quality of care, 1Clearsense is designed to reduce time to insights with intuitive exploration to dig deeper into your data, allowing users to confidently predict with a custom-built model. With Clearsense 20/20, users can expand beyond descriptive analytics to include recommended actions and predictions, facilitating quality management, resource utilization, and more.

Clearsense 1Clearsense Self-Service Analytics 20/20 Payer Provider

Featured Provider Use Cases

Application Rationalization & Archiving

Retain and integrate your historical data, accelerate application decommissioning, reduce technical debt, and realize near-term cost savings.

Research Enablement

Scale research with ease, collaborate on data validation and harmonization, address social determinants of health, expand your organization’s capacity, and create a holistic environment that enables quality, scalability, value-based care, and more.

Provider Data Management

Establish robust data governance processes, maintain accurate, consistent, and up-to-date provider data, reduce reimbursement time, improve scheduling, and optimize data integrity.

Value-Based Care in Population Health

Facilitate the seamless distribution of data insights, offering unified perspectives on diverse insights while enabling semantic searching for targeted clinical populations and efficiently sharing critical findings to expedite organization decision-making.

Why Providers and Payviders Choose Clearsense

1Clearsense Clearsense Provider Healthcare Specific

Healthcare Specific

We are 100% focused on the healthcare industry, which means we understand your data challenges and opportunities.

1Clearsense Clearsense Provider Data-First Approach

Data-First Approach

1Clearsense eliminates assumptions and replaces them with trusted data that can be implemented without barriers or fear.

1Clearsense Self-Service Analytics Clearsense

Organizational Empowerment

Business and IT users across the enterprise are empowered with transparent access to their data and self-serve analytics.

Leverage the Strength of Your Data

Are you ready to for a trusted and transparent view of your data and analytics?

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