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Because every single piece of data could impact a future patient outcome!

Data Governance Better Data Is Everyone's Job

Meet the most comprehensive and agile data governance service in the industry.

Bad data costs U.S companies three trillion dollars per year, according to IBM. A study by Gartner has found that most organizations surveyed estimate they lose $14.2 million dollars annually.

For many healthcare organizations, the demand for information and analytics continues to exceed the supply of skilled resources and accessible, well-defined, high-quality data sets that place the power of data in the hands of every employee. As the complexity and volume of data continue to grow exponentially and the gap between the demand for information and the supply of analytics resources expands, implementing self-service analytics is essential to business continuity and agility. Data Governance provides the definitions, harmonization, lineage, and data use guidelines required for self-service analytics.

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Better Data is Everyone’s Job

The Clearsense data-first approach enables organizations to:

Data Governance Advisory Services Deploy Data Governance

Deploy a holistic data governance program providing enterprise approaches to the management of master & reference data, data quality, metadata, data policy, data stewardship, and analytics governance

Data Governance Advisory Services Data-Related Decisions

Clearly define data-related decision rights and accountabilities across the business

Data Governance Advisory Services Self-Service Analytics

Make self-service analytics a reality by reducing the dependency on phone a friend and knowing an expert

Data Governance Advisory Services Implement Balance

Implement a coordinated balance between centralized, localized, and self-service analytics

Data Governance Advisory Services Reduce Backlogs

Reduce backlogs of requests for data, reports, and dashboards to focus on improving data delivery turnaround

Are you ready to manage your data as a strategic asset?

With a formalized enterprise approach to data governance, your organization will enable knowledge sharing, reduce duplication of analytics efforts, and increase the reuse of previously researched and resolved data challenges. Clearsense is responding to the diversity in data governance maturity across healthcare by:

  • Introducing the market to a consumption-based pricing model that significantly minimizes cost while obtaining measurable value from each advisory hour
  • Offering unique custom advisory services designed to address your specific culture, resources, and desired rate of change
  • Providing continuous guided action focused on scale, sustainability, and operationalizing a strategic business function beyond initial projects
  • Collaborating in engaging sessions with external peers which invite discussion and coaching
  • Coaching to apply basic asset management capabilities to data, resulting in the elevation of data literacy, confidence, and abilities of your internal resources
  • Supplying a step-by-step roadmap of mature repeatable processes and program assets. Our method uses existing resources and technology

Are you ready to align

with HIMSS AMAM requirements and DAMA-DMBOK Best Practices for data management?