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From providing structure to offering ROI to improving efficiency, learn how a solid data governance program is integral for healthcare’s digital transformation…

  1. Improves Data Quality

    A data governance program helps to ensure data accuracy quality, which is crucial for successful digital transformation initiatives. Organizations can make informed decisions and avoid costly errors by having clean, reliable data that is transparent.

  2. Facilitates Data Sharing

    A data governance program provides a structure for sharing and collaboration within an organization. DG clarifies data sharing processes within an organization and between organizations but remember, it is the Data and Analytics Strategy that handles enablement.

  3. Enables Better Decision-Making

    When data is monitored, measured, and managed correctly, it can lead to more informed decisions that positively impact business outcomes. Better Data is Everyone’s Job!

  4. Supports Greater Efficiency

    Having well-defined processes and procedures improve the efficiency of data-related activities, which translates into time and cost savings.

  5. Builds Trust in Data

    When an organization establishes a robust data governance program, it provides transparency and accountability around data usage, leading to increased trust in data across the organization.

  6. Increases ROI

    A data governance program’s focus on high-quality, standardized data can increase ROI by reducing errors, driving more informed decisions, and reducing costs associated with data inconsistency or inaccuracy.

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Terri Mikol

Data Governance Advisor

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