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Do you know what it takes to act-on healthcare data transparency and how to get clarity from your data?

Healthcare data should offer value, clarity, and transparency. Do you know what questions to ask to get the most out of your data?

Data transparency involves providing answers to the following, seemingly simple, common data questions. Yet it remains out of reach for most healthcare organizations. “Phone-a-friend” continues to be the primary path to information.

Here are six questions you should ask of your healthcare data?

  • Where can I find the data I need?
  • Who has decision rights and accountabilities for the data?
  • Is the data correct?
  • What am I permitted to do with the data?
  • Where did the data come from?
  • What does the data mean?

Start treating healthcare data like the strategic asset that it is; it is a fundamental change in your processes around data. This is done through data governance that applies assets management techniques to data, like any other assets in an organization — your equipment, property, inventory, etc.

After all, better data is everyone’s job.

Stop seeing data governance as a “nice-to-have” and recognize it as a “must-have” in your organization.

Clearsense is responding to the diversity in data governance maturity across healthcare with a flexible and functional approach to starting a Data Governance Program.

Join us for a live virtual presentation and open Q&A session to learn more about this unique offering which includes:

  • Custom advisory services designed to address your specific culture, available resources, and desired rate of change
  • Continuous guided action focused on scale, sustainability, and operationalizing a sustainable business function beyond initial projects
  • Sharing years of practical experience and unique approaches with direct coaching to elevate the confidence and abilities of your internal resources

Start with the Clearsense Management Data Platform today.

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Larry Kaiser

Chief Marketing Officer

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