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Case Study titled Archive and Access: Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI
Case Study titled Archive and Access: Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI

Get to Know Our Client

A large, nationally recognized not-for-profit midwest Catholic health integrated delivery network with 93 total hospitals and more than 3,000 total applications needed an archiving solution to meet their growing needs.

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Systems Archived/Decommissioned


Applications Ingested


Annual Cost Savings


Annual Cost Savings Projected by 2025

The Challenge

Enterprise technology deployment initiatives and extensive merger and acquisition activity forced this customer to retain native data while sunsetting specific applications and systems. The client required an agnostic solution to archive, access, and present clinical/nonclinical, discrete/non-discrete data in one compliant and secure platform. Looking for a forward-thinking application that prioritized efficiency without elevating workload, the client had a multi-faceted need to make collecting, storing, and utilizing their data both easy and reliable.

Our client needed an archiving solution that could address:

M&A Archiving Icon

M+A Activity

Old Applications & Systems Archiving Icon

Old Applications/

Archiving Data Icon

Terabytes of Data

Our Archiving Application

Clearsense’s wide range of solutions retired hundreds of applications with high maintenance costs, creating efficiency for the organization both in employee hours and cost savings.

By simplifying the client’s complicated process of parsing, understanding, and implementing data relevance, our client can now leverage data from disparate systems across the organization. This hyper-flexible tool, combined with Clearsense’s data-first approach, eliminates assumptions and creates a clear path to transparency and truth. Our innovative data management best practices and cutting-edge, intelligent, automated, secure, and scalable platform transformed how the organization leverages its data—one step at a time.

After all, data is your greatest asset and if your organization is relying on outdated methods to store and archive your legacy data, you aren’t empowering better decision-making. Start today.

Three Ways to Put Archive & Access to Work for Your Organization:


Prepare legal, medical records and aggregate data across any archived legacy system, delivering intuitive, elastic search capabilities to support faster results

Offer your team a flexible, unified report viewer for images, tabular reports, and dashboard visualizations

Accelerate applications for many common EHRs, ERPs, and ancillary systems , providing a direct integration with live applications through SSO and patient contextual links
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