Population Health

Transformational analytics and data discovery supporting population health management

Unique, Self-Service Population Health Analytics

A variety of factors can contribute to the health of our population. These include people’s lifestyles, their behaviors, & external factors such as the environment. To treat patients quicker and prevent illness, healthcare organizations are combining clinical data with social determinants data to help planning, prioritization, & allocation of their resources more effectively.

However, bringing this dynamic data together, visualizing it simply, and distributing access to individuals and teams across large organizations can be inefficient, complicated, and costly.

Clearsense addresses these issues by delivering distributed and powerful self-service population health analytics to everyone within an organization. Its user-friendly technology and intuitive workflow helps increase and track the pace of data-driven system change, empowering everyone in the organization to use their data to make local but connected, transparent, and evidence-based decisions.

Distribute Access Effortlessly

Clearsense enables data insights and exploration to be easily distributed across single and multiple organizations.

Create System-Wide Views

Homogeneous views of clinical, social, financial, demographic, genotypic, and geographical insights.

Explore With Ease

You and your team can easily identify targeted clinical populations of interest with or without any technical background.

Collaborate With Peers

Capture, annotate and share the most important parts of your findings, helping expedite decision-making.

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Unique, Self-Service Population Health Analytics


Accelerating Research & Delivering Enhanced Patient Insights

Clearsense Population Health

Discover, Share, Act

  • Identify patients at risk of certain conditions
  • Explore and identify gaps in care
  • Track key disease markers for patient cohorts
  • Evaluate the impact of new models of care
  • Identify unexpected variations and outliers
  • Monitor needs and outcome
Case Study | Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI
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Accelerating Research & Delivering Enhanced Patient Insights with Population Health

Case Study | Accelerating research & delivering enhanced patient insights

One of the largest non-profit healthcare systems with over 50,000 employees in the United States wanted to streamline the way its employees and clinical staff researched and analyzed patient data.

By removing dependence on honest brokers and data scientists, clinical staff and researchers are empowered to use 1Clearsense to quickly and easily identify groups of patients to meet their specific criteria and accelerate their research.
Case Study | Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI
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Meharry Medical College Accelerates Research & Transforms Patient Care with Data Science

Case Study | Transforming Patient Care with Data Science

Meharry Medical College, a small, private, historically black college/university (HBCU) surpasses elite school to launch data science institute to drive predictive insights for underserved patients.

The vision was to expand their research capabilities and, in doing so, drive down costs and improve the level of care for Meharry’s underserved and minority patient populations.
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What Makes Clearsense Different?

Built specifically for healthcare by healthcare professionals and data science experts to make it easy to use, easy to access, and easy to analyze your data.

  • Create Cohorts
    Create and explore cohorts instantly from multiple data sources.
  • Explore Cohorts
    Carry out in-depth exploration of issues identified through cohort exploration.
  • Take Snapshots
    Share your insights and collaborate with stakeholders in seconds.
Clearsense Population Health
  • Create Custom Dashboards
    Dashboards are created in minutes, instantly visualizing your data.
  • Track Cohorts
    Improve interventions by identifying at-risk cohorts and trends early.
  • Pseudonymization
    Data can be pseudonymized upon import or pseudonymized on a per-role basis.

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