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When we designed our new website and marketing materials, we wanted to elevate not just our company- but the industry as a whole. We wanted to showcase a data platform that was innovative, robust, and most importantly, easy-to-use and capable of connecting to over 250 applications.”  

– Clearsense Chief Marketing Officer, Larry Kaiser 

New Brand Blog Image

As colorful as it is eye-catching, our newly-unveiled website and branding include an updated logo and interactive graphics. The newly-redesigned collateral offers a deeper glimpse into the value of Clearsense’s family of applications, services, and our next-generation data management and delivery platform. 

Here are three things we want to ensure you don’t miss:

  • Want to see the WHY behind our platform? Check out the interactive scroll and clickability. CIOs, we even have something for you!
  • See our newest product, Clearsense 20/20. With the ability to have a 360-degree view of your data, the plug-and-play AI application speeds data to insight — in minutes!
  • Ready to get in touch? Check out the contact page, giving you an easy-to-access form to request a specific demo or call. We’re happy to help.

Have a look around and learn about the Clearsense Data Management Platform and our associated applications – don’t forget to engage with our content and sign up to receive our Insights in your inbox.

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Kate-Madonna Hindes

Director of Marketing

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