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KLAS International Summit 2022 Whitepaper

In June 2022, KLAS hosted its International Summit in Porches, Portugal. In attendance were 94 individuals from provider and HIT vendor organizations across the globe. Discussions occurred over the course of two days: the first day focused on EHR optimization and highlighted findings from organizations that have measured with the KLAS Arch Collaborative, and the second day focused on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how those lessons can influence future innovation and partnerships among healthcare organizations, vendors, and investors. This white paper examines investment priorities among healthcare organizations worldwide, summarizes the discussions from the summit, and shares attendees’ collective insights.

Clearsense Chief Innovation Officer, Charles Boicey, was in attendance and contributed to the discussion and content featured in this white paper.

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KLAS International Summit White Paper Clearsense

Key Points

To supplement the group discussions at the 2022 KLAS International Summit, KLAS administered a pre-summit survey to 132 healthcare organizations based in 40 different countries/territories (excluding the US), asking them about their HIT investment priorities coming out of the pandemic. Topics included:

  • EHR Optimization Learnings from the Arch Collaborative
  • Lessons Learned from the Pandemic
  • How to Foster Innovation & Development Going Forward

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