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ViVE 2023 Tech Talk Data Asset Management

In healthcare, managing assets such as medical equipment, supplies, facilities, and the workforce is crucial, yet data — one of the most strategic assets — often presents challenges in terms of effective management. To overcome these challenges and break down barriers to data governance, it’s important to stop treating it as a separate project or program. Instead, by applying basic asset management processes to data sources and analytic solutions, healthcare organizations can optimize their data management strategies. In this 10-minute Tech Talk from the ViVE 2023 Conference, Terri Mikol, Principal Data Governance Advisor at Clearsense, explains how to implement effective data management processes in healthcare.

In this Tech Talk, recorded live at the ViVE 2023 conference in Nashville, Terri discussed:

  • Healthcare organizations manage various assets like medical equipment, supplies, facilities, and workforce.
  • Data is a strategic asset that can be challenging to manage effectively in healthcare.
  • Applying basic asset management processes to data sources and analytic solutions can optimize data management strategies in healthcare.
  • Effective data management can help improve patient care and enhance healthcare provider efficiency.

"We are at the point, and likely past the point, where working with data is something everyone in healthcare needs to be able to do."

Terri MikolPrincipal Data Governance Advisor

If you’re ready to treat your data as an asset, contact us about our Data Governance Advisory Services.

Leann Vranesh

Marketing Manager

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