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The importance of effective data management has grown substantially for healthcare organizations aiming to provide high-quality patient care, optimize operations, and spur innovation. However, our industry frequently faces a multitude of hurdles in the pursuit of adeptly handling data.

Previously recorded for CHIME members, this webinar dives into the complex world of healthcare data management. Presented by Clearsense’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rick Shepardson, you’ll gain practical strategies and best practices to help your healthcare organization navigate these challenges and unlock the true value of your data. From implementing robust data governance frameworks to leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, this webinar uncovers actionable insights to enhance data quality, accessibility, and reliability.

During this CHIME webinar, Rick Shepardson discusses:

  • Challenges in healthcare data management
  • Effective strategies for healthcare data management, including use of data lakehouses, data fabric, and other data management technologies to augment your data ecosystem
  • How to unlock the value of healthcare data through efficient management to power analytics, interoperability, and applications

The growth of the healthcare data management market is a testament to its crucial role in shaping the future of healthcare. Market trends indicate substantial growth, emphasizing the industry's recognition of data's transformative potential. However, just as oil needs refining to unlock its value, data requires careful management and utilization to yield meaningful insights.

Rick ShepardsonChief Strategy Officer, Clearsense

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Leann Vranesh

Marketing Manager

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