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Chatting about data is one of our favorite things. That’s why we’re always excited to share our conversations with Bill Russell at This Week Health. Terri Mikol, Clearsense Data Governance Principal Advisor, recently talked with Bill about how healthcare organizations can tap into the potential of every employee to contribute to data quality and the importance for organizational learning and efficiency.

In this podcast, Terri draws parallels to the telephone switchboard operator, revealing pathways to democratize data usage in healthcare organizations. Together, they delve into innovative methodologies, address supply-demand imbalances, and align analytics with healthcare organization’s needs.

Discover the balance between accessibility and technical demands, break down knowledge silos, and decentralize data responsibilities. Join us on this journey towards a more data-savvy future!

Key points covered in this podcast:


Technology Use Evolution


Data and Analytics


Demand-Supply Imbalance


Workforce Engagement


Breaking Knowledge Silos


Cultural Shifts for Data Literacy

"Better data is EVERYONE'S job!"

Terri MikolPrincipal Data Governance Advisor, Clearsense

If you are interested in learning more about our Data Governance Advisory Services, reach out to schedule your own “Terri Time.”

Leann Vranesh

Marketing Manager

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