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Kevin Field CHIMECAST Leader to Leader

In this CHIMECast Leader to Leader podcast episode, Russ Branzell engages “Epic Viking” Kevin Field, President of Clearsense, in a lively discussion on the importance of harnessing data to solve healthcare problems. In a prior role, Kevin led major EMR implementations across the US and globally. He has moved into a role where data and technology are being leveraged to improve healthcare operations and patient services.

Kevin Field CHIMECAST Leader to Leader

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Clearsense’s “Epic Viking”  and President, Kevin Field joined CHIME CEO Russ Branzell on CHIME’s Leader to Leader Podcast. During this episode of the podcast, Kevin shares how patients are now consumers in the healthcare space. They want what they get at Amazon: VIP services, consumers’ needs as the top focus, and convenience. Kevin highlights the importance of data as a valuable asset and why the data revolution is inevitable.

Tune in to find out what’s up with the Epic nickname and how Clearsense maximizes data and analytics to improve operations for providers and transform the quality and convenience of healthcare for patients.

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