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Digital Transformation - A CDO Discussion Podcast

On March 16, 2022, Bill Russell from This Week Health interviewed Clearsense President, Kevin Field, and Chief Digital Officer of Renown Health, Chuck Podesta, live at the ViVE Conference in Miami Beach, FL. They explored Renown’s roadmap for a digital transformation of the health network to a leading-edge, next-generation system deploying key technology and process approaches including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Business Process Redesign as well as mobile apps and wearable devices.

Digital Transformation - A CDO Discussion Podcast

In one end-to-end platform, Clearsense integrates data from any source, maintains line of sight from source to target, jumpstarts ROI in your existing Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and unlocks value for clinical, operations, financial, and research stakeholders without the need to hire specialized staff.

Key Points in the This Week Health Podcast:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:30 – Clearsense can look at the data of patients that crash, whether it’s in the ICU or the ED. What happened to those patients 30 minutes before, an hour before, the day before? Then come up with an alert algorithm around that.

00:08:45 – You have to have an ecosystem that can take information from all these disparate systems. Because it’s not just Epic in the middle anymore.

00:10:15 – Clearsense looks at data in what they call domains. Domains are contracts, providers or clusters of different critical data elements.

00:12:00 – Clear box analytics

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