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The Intersectionality of Technology, Industry Growth, and Patient Outcomes: Clearsense 20/20®

As our industry pivots from disease management to prevention and pandemic to patient access and experience, hospitals and clinics are looking to new partners to transform todays healthcare model into something better altogether. Yet many organizations are struggling without knowledgeable partners in place.

The Intersectionality of Technology, Industry Growth, and Patient Outcomes: Clearsense 20/20®

A December 2022 Becker’s interview with Novant Health Vice President, Chief Transformation and Digital Officer Angela Yochem affirmed what we hear from so many in our industry: Hospitals and clinics need trusted and reliable partners to reach their goals and optimize patient experiences. Not to mention the sheer growth the industry expects in the next few years.

“My experience has also shown that the way to truly differentiate a solution for the organization is to create at least parts of it internally, and that there are irreplaceable benefits to co-creating with an aligned expert partner.” – Angela Yochem, Novant Health

Not Slowing Down

With the analytics market alone excited to reach $93.3 billion by 2027, leaders are taking notice of not only applications and solutions but the projected 282.% CAGR expected by decade end. RBC Capital Markets recently shared that the immense industry growth and opportunities in healthcare created an information boom—with 30% of all the world’s data volume used by the healthcare industry. And growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

“By 2025, the compound annual growth rate of data for healthcare will reach 36%. That’s 6% faster than manufacturing, 10% faster than financial services, and 11% faster than media & entertainment.” (RBC Capital Markets)

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There’s only one small hitch: Global Market Insights found that “a lack of high technical and statistical knowledge among healthcare professionals” is hindering the growth in a massive way. They also cited that “stringent data integrity and compliance regulations” faced a low adoption rate due to the knowledge in the current workforce and the availability of staffing for highly trained experts.

Sometimes organizations struggle to know where to start with their data or have the right professionals available to identify the correct data source at the right time. This is just one-way Clearsense elevates better bottom lines.

Industry Growth: How Do We Get There?

With our revolutionary 20/20® advanced healthcare analytics application, your organization will be empowered to easily engage in advanced analytics without an extensive data science team. Clearsense 20/20 offers agile and interpretable tools and removes the technical knowledge and skills required, empowering everyday users to go beyond reports that only look backward – exploring and transforming data into insights and actions to change tomorrow’s outcomes. Ready to hear more? Take a test drive of our predictive analytics—accessible to all.

Are you ready to see your data more clearly?

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