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Application Rationalization Top 5

Everything. Everywhere. All At Once.

The title of this NYT Bestseller and 2022 film really nails the landscape for healthcare data, too. The healthcare sector generates more than 19 terabytes of clinical data alone each year, and the applications that use, store, and work with data cause that number to grow exponentially.

Application Rationalization Top 5

Data may be healthcare’s biggest asset, but the technology and apps it uses to work with this data can be one of its biggest costs. If your healthcare organization is researching ways to start a cost-savings project, chances are high that you’ve seen the fast ROI from application rationalization. By consolidating and modernizing your application stack, you can quickly realize cost savings and immediate ROI.

That’s the easy part. That’s the part that everyone knows. It’s the icing on the cake, if you will. But, what about the cake? What about the real substance, the layers that make up an application rationalization project?

We sat down with our team to ask just that. We wanted to know what are some of the top benefits that our own customers realize after starting an application rationalization project. We’ve compiled it down to this TOP 5 list of lesser-known, but still very important, benefits when starting an application rationalization project with Clearsense. Let’s dig in:

Reason 1: Do More with Legacy Data

There’s value in your data, but as a legacy system it is typically locked away. That’s where we are different – we allow legacy data to sit on the 1Clearsense Platform with everything else. These legacy systems that were once locked in silos are now freed up and integrated for other applications, like Data Research. How do we infuse as we archive? We have a proprietary 9 Step Process that is repeatable and reliable through our Data Governance Advisory service. (Want to know how? Schedule a free demo and we’ll show you.)

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Reason 2: Discover Antiquated Software and Unveil Security Risks for PHI

When starting an application modernization project, you’re likely to find old and outdated systems. Our team has seen an average age as high as 20 years for healthcare systems, and many of these applications are at the end of their life with no resources to replace them all. By completing an application rationalization process with Clearsense, our team will help discover antiquated software and in turn discover risks by being on old technology and servers. This could mean that servers are not up-to-date with the latest protected health information security features, uncovering potential PHI risks and data breaches.

Reason 3: Shift Risks and Workloads From Team to Vendor

When you rationalize your applications to 1Clearsense, you also shift the security risk from your team to ours. We take the security of your data very seriously. The 1Clearsense Platform is HI-TRUST and SOC2 Type 1 certified. That coupled with 1,250+ years of combined healthcare experience from our leadership team alone, we are able to not only know but anticipate the complexities with healthcare data. We include areas of integration, monitoring, CMDB, workflows, knowledge management and future-proofed technology so you can decrease workload overhead and shift it to us instead.

Reason 4: Map Data to New Language

When your archived applications and data sits in silos, you’re only satisfying the minimum regulatory requirements. But, in order to do more with that data, it has to speak the right language. We bring in your data and convert, enhance, and scrub all within the 1Clearsense Platform. And, we can map your data to new application language.

Reason 5: Capture Institutional Knowledge

When your team takes on an application rationalization project, you may only be thinking of the data you need to capture. But, what about the knowledge surrounding that data? According to an article in Newsweek, the healthcare industry lost more than 500,000 employees per month in 2022 and up to 47% of U.S. healthcare workers plan to leave their positions by 2025.

Clearsense Principal Governance Advisor, Terri Mikol, says, “”We aren’t just archiving and using your data. We’re bringing the institutional knowledge that shaped the data with each number and pattern.” When you capture data + data knowledge, you are no longer hindered by turnover or retirement. You can turn data knowledge into data intelligence, maximizing its potential no matter who needs to utilize it.

Application Rationalization with 1Clearsense

If you’re ready to do more with your application rationalization project, let’s connect! Our team is ready to get you rapid ROI and so much more.

Are you ready to see your data more clearly?

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