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Clearsense, Inc. is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a pivotal step in elevating healthcare solutions worldwide. Through this collaboration, Clearsense is joining the AWS Marketplace, granting easier access to its cutting-edge healthcare data intelligence solutions for AWS users and healthcare organizations globally. With a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes, the partnership ensures secure, scalable, and compliant data analytics solutions, empowering healthcare providers and patients alike. Learn more about the Amazon Web Services Marketplace and Clearsense below…

What is AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is the nexus of innovation and efficiency in the healthcare industry. Offering healthcare professionals, providers, payors, and health tech organizations a curated selection of third-party solutions it empowers users to swiftly procure and deploy products to drive data-driven healthcare advancements. With flexible pricing options, central governance, and compliance alignment, AWS Marketplace is the key to accelerating innovation, enhancing patient care, and unleashing the full potential of healthcare data. It serves as a dynamic resource for healthcare leaders looking to harness insights from data at scale, comply with regulations, and modernize healthcare delivery. Whether you’re a provider, payor, or health-tech organization, AWS Marketplace is the gateway to discover, procure, and manage cutting-edge cloud technology and data management solutions, providing an invaluable asset in the pursuit of healthcare excellence.

“Joining the AWS Marketplace allows us to bring our cutting-edge healthcare data intelligence solutions closer to AWS users and healthcare organizations worldwide. AWS Marketplace serves as a central hub for cloud software and services, making it easier for customers to discover, procure, and deploy the solutions they need.”   – Randy Fusco, Clearsense CTO

How does the AWS Marketplace and Clearsense partnership benefit the healthcare industry?

By being part of AWS Marketplace, Clearsense gains access to a vast and diverse healthcare ecosystem, aligning seamlessly with its mission to enhance patient care and data-driven insights. This collaboration offers Clearsense the opportunity to provide its cutting-edge healthcare solutions to a broader audience of healthcare professionals, providers, and payer organizations, ultimately contributing to the advancement of patient care. AWS Marketplace’s robust governance, flexible pricing options, and regulatory compliance support also ensure that Clearsense can efficiently deliver its solutions while maintaining the highest standards of data security and policy adherence.

The partnership and collaboration with Amazon Web Services ensures that Clearsense can deliver secure, scalable, and reliable data analytics solutions to meet the unique demands of the industry. This strategic partnership aligns with Clearsense’s mission to improve healthcare outcomes and operational efficiency continually. By harnessing AWS’s advanced technologies, Clearsense aims to elevate its software suite to new heights, benefiting healthcare providers and patients. The new partnership will allow for:

  • Advanced Analytics: Clearsense will tap into AWS’s advanced analytics tools to provide healthcare organizations with actionable insights, enabling more informed decision-making and improved patient care.
  • Machine Learning: By integrating AWS’s machine learning capabilities, Clearsense’s solutions will become more adaptive and intelligent, supporting clinicians in diagnosing and treating patients more effectively.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Clearsense will leverage AWS’s artificial intelligence resources to streamline administrative tasks, reducing the cognitive burden on healthcare professionals and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Security and Compliance: AWS’s robust security measures and compliance protocols ensure that Clearsense’s healthcare solutions meet the highest industry standards, safeguarding sensitive patient data.
  • Cost Efficiency: The partnership allows healthcare organizations to reduce costs associated with on-premises hardware and data centers, making Clearsense’s software more accessible and cost-effective.
Read the Full ReleaseVisit the Clearsense Cloud Partners Page

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Director of Marketing

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