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Curating industry news, insider takes, resources and so much more, the Clearsense Blog offers relevant and timely insights into healthcare analytics, patient-centric data and so much more. From archive and accessdata management and science, predictive analytics, and our all-in-one platform, the Clearsense portfolio of products offer an ROI-forward approach—all featured on our blog.


We’ve Unveiled Our Brand-new Brand

September 15, 2022 | Kate-Madonna Hindes

Get to Know Clearsense CTO, Randy Fusco

August 11, 2022 | Kate-Madonna Hindes

We’ve Unveiled Our Brand-new Brand

The new Clearsense brand design offers a deep dive into its family of applications, services, and data management and delivery platform. 

Reading time : 2 min. Kate-Madonna Hindes
READ THIS POST September 15, 2022
20/20 , Clearsense Brand , Data Management Platform , new website

Get to Know Clearsense CTO, Randy Fusco

Get to know our CTO, Randy Fusco, and see how his unique blend of experience and passion for healthcare will elevate Clearsense.

Reading time : 4 min. Kate-Madonna Hindes
READ THIS POST August 11, 2022
CTO , Randy Fusco

Top 5 Spots to Check Out in Madison at the Epic UGM

The Epic UGM is right around the corner. And while we're sure you're excited to collaborate and network with other healthcare professionals, we know that you may also be looking for a thing or two to do on your nights off. We reached out to our Madison, WI local team members, including President Kevin Field, to compile some top recommendations to check out in the downtown Madison area to help make your trip, well, epic.

Reading time : 3 min. Leann Williams
READ THIS POST July 15, 2022
Epic UGM , Madison , WI

Get to Know: Chipper Keener, Regional Director

Half golf-aficionado and half-healthcare solutions architect, Chipper Keener putts all Clearsense has to offer to our clients with wit and wisdom. Get to know our Regional Director of Sales and what he's most passionate about in our latest blog post.

Reading time : 3 min. Kate-Madonna Hindes
READ THIS POST July 8, 2022
Chipper Keener , Clearsense team

Insights for the NHS’s FDP Procurement

For the last 5+ years we’ve worked with some of the largest health systems in the US, equivalent in scale to large NHS regions. Our experience suggests the following learnings in respect of data platforms:

Reading time : 4 min. Charles Boicey
READ THIS POST June 28, 2022
Federated Data Platform , NHS , UK

The Future of Health Data in the UK: What HCPs need to know

The future of data and analytics is in our hands, and healthcare happens to be one of the latest proving grounds. While there are incredible challenges, there are also incredible opportunities to bring new advancements and efficiencies to one of our most critical industries – healthcare.

Reading time : 5 min. Charles Boicey
READ THIS POST June 28, 2022
Federated Data Platform , NHS , UK

Get to Know: Mica Wiley, Business Development Executive

Get to know what brought Mica Wiley to Clearsense, what she is investing in, and why she decided to go back to school to learn even more.

Reading time : 5 min. Kate-Madonna Hindes
READ THIS POST June 7, 2022
Clearsense team , Mica Wiley

HISTalk Interview with Clearsense President, Kevin Field

Kevin Field sat with HISTalk to discuss his background, Clearsense, and his insights on how healthcare can make the most of their data assets.

Reading time : 10 min. Leann Williams
READ THIS POST May 25, 2022
Healthcare Data , HISTalk , Kevin Field

Your Business is NOT Data Illiterate!

The problem is not that people don't know how to use data — it is that they don’t have the access and, more importantly, transparency around and about the data.

Reading time : 4 min. Terri Mikol
READ THIS POST May 7, 2022
Data Goverance , data literacy , data transparency

Data Hubs, Warehouses, Lakes, & Lakehouses: Making Sense of Evolving Data Architecture

Learn about the differences and use cases for each of these data architectures in this live ViVE 2022 Tech Talk recording.

Reading time : 1 min. Leann Williams
READ THIS POST April 27, 2022
data architecture , data hubs , data lakehouse , data lakes , data management