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Retain your historical data, accelerate application decommissioning, realize cost savings, immediately with Archive + Access, brought to you by Clearsense.

Are You Ready To Do More With Your Data?

Elevate your legacy data for better decisions with ingested and mapped data using Clearsense’s Archive + Access application. From historical legal and medical records to operational reports, Archive + Access rapidly ingests data from any source bringing it all together in a unified record. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for your team to view, search, and analyze legacy data from any archived system. Clearsense offers healthcare systems the unique power to keep raw data compliant, accessible, searchable, and valuable for future insights – it’s the smartest way to do more than storing your legacy data.

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Rapid Ingestion

Realize faster ROI with rapid data ingestion and quicker system decommissioning.

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Single Source of Truth

Consolidate legacy data into a single, intuitive platform that serves as a holistic source of truth.

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Data Security

Meet legal data storage requirements with granular, AD-based, access permissions and restrictions.

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Customized Views

Leverage customized views, quick filters, and keyword search capabilities to find the exact data element(s) you are looking for.

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Do more with your legacy data by enabling analytic discoveries as your data maturity evolves.

Archive & Access
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Archived. Not Archaic.


Archiving Application Delivers Rapid ROI

Case Study | Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI
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Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI

Case Study | Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI

A large, nationally recognized not-for-profit midwest Catholic health integrated delivery network with 93 total hospitals and more than 3000 total applications.

Clearsense's wide range of solutions retired hundreds of applications with high maintenance costs, creating efficiency for the organization both in employee hours and cost savings of $65M annually.
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When your team needs to find answers from historical medical records and operational data, Clearsense’s Archive + Access application:

  • Helps your team prepare legal medical records and aggregate data across any archived legacy system

  • Delivers a flexible, unified report viewer for images, tabular reports, and dashboard visualizations

  • Accelerates application decommissioning for many common EHRs, ERPs, and ancillary systems

  • Offers intuitive, elastic search capabilities to support faster results

  • Provides a direct integration with live applications through EMPI and patient contextual links


of our clients save hardware and software costs through retiring older systems while keeping access to valuable data.


  • Return on Investment: Our archiving platform gives healthcare organizations the ability to quickly decommission legacy clinical and operational systems, saving millions by eliminating recurring, annual licensing costs.
  • Easy Access to Data: With the Clearsense Legacy Clinical solution, the entire care team can access all of their patient data through one, easy-to-use viewer launched directly from their EMR.
  • One Platform. One Partner: With our data-first approach, you can utilize the data and technology you need to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems.


  • Data in Raw Format: Data is ingested in its raw format, keeping data integrity and metadata. This allows for future use cases.
  • Clear-Box Approach: Through Clearsense CONNECT, clients have full access to their data at any time to utilize it for Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, and more.

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