Provider Vista


Providers are the cornerstone of a healthcare organization. Accurate provider data drives patient access and experience, provider-to-provider relationships, and the ability to optimize services.

The inability of staff to match patient needs to the right provider due to poor or missing data means unused capacity, missing revenue, and diminished patient experience. Pressure and patient demand will continue to grow with digitalized healthcare. You need a single source of truth for provider data.

The Benefits of Using a Data Platform for Your Provider Directory


For most healthcare organizations, provider data resides in multiple systems, often conflicting and unreliable. Without the ability to search trusted provider data, staff is unable to respond quickly to patient appointment requests. This costs you the ability to connect patients to the care they need, leading to delays in care, patient leakage, and frustration. It also drains time, money, and resources.


Provider Vista combines existing provider data into a single source of truth, proactively working to clean data to make key decisions in building the provider master.

We offer a searchable, editable, and intuitive web-based interface to support a range of front-end workflows, including:

  • Robust search capabilities to respond to ad-hoc patient requests for scheduling
  • Ability to quickly view all providers in a clinic location
  • Allow the appropriate staff to edit, ensuring provider and location information is accurate and up to date

Because it is built on the Clearsense data management platform, we enable you to govern your data, evaluate and enhance data quality, conduct analytics, and allow access via APIs. To maximize its true value, staff should be able to access well-governed provider data that is easily shared across the organization.

Vista brings together your provider data into a single, trusted source of truth and helps your staff connect patients with the care they need with a searchable provider directory.

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