Predictive Analytics for All

Plug-and-Play AI Analytics on the Clearsense Platform

Data Science isn't just for Data Scientists Anymore

We are witnessing a new dawn for data science in healthcare. As the demand for data rises, so does the need for advanced capabilities to utilize data in meaningful ways.

The pressure to deliver fast results means that teams cannot wait on the short supply of highly-skilled data scientists and IT experts to curate clean, trusted data to use in research.

That's why we're empowering predictive analytics for all on the Clearsense Data Platform.

Predictive Analytics Demo

Watch our use case go from hypothesis to predictive models in minutes, not months.

See Clearsense Predictive Modeling in action

Transform your subject matter experts, clinicians, into data scientists.

We offer an end-to-end solution, starting with reliable, clean, trusted data. Bring in data from disparate sources and enable users to build out a cohort for analysis directly in the Clearsense Platform.

Our predictive analytics solution empowers users to quickly unlock the value from advanced analytics with just a problem and their data – no additional tech resources needed. Clearsense automatically identifies the relationships in your data while learning and adapting over time, continuously optimizing your business process to drive the outcomes that matter most.

  • Automatically identify key drivers
  • Predict with confidence using a custom model
  • Reduce time to insights for faster data-driven decisions
  • Empower clinicians to test hypotheses using data and strategically bring in data scientists to refine the work
  • Effectively change business outcomes using strategic and tactical actions recommended from the evidence of the data

Use Case: Predicting Renal Failure

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