Disease Registries

Accelerate clinical research by building tailored disease registries with the ability to analyze and visualize complete datasets in a single, self-service environment.

Collect, Organize, and Visualize Registry Information Effortlessly.

Clearsense supports clinical research by providing accelerated access to real-world data in a single, self-service environment that enables data confidence. The ontology manager automates the creation of standardized forms and data schemas, reducing duplication and creating consistency across the organization with cleaner, easier-to-query data. Our unique application increases confidence and understanding of the data at an organizational level.

Principal Investigators, researchers, and informatics teams get a 360-degree view of patients that they are tracking with specific conditions in six, important steps.

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Ingest datasets for registries from existing systems, combined with legacy data creating comprehensive profiles within each registry

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Apply quality control and measures across the data being ingested.

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Extractors can supplement the aggregated data with additional data points manually extracted.

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Manage patient registries, worklists, events, and status of patient information.

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Effortlessly analyze the aggregated data for one or multiple registries in a single environment.

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Instantly create cohorts, reports, and data visualizations to view, track and share.

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Easy To Use, Fully Self-Service

Case Study | Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI
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Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI

Case Study | Archiving Solution Delivers Rapid ROI

A large, nationally recognized not-for-profit midwest Catholic health integrated delivery network with 93 total hospitals and more than 3000 total applications.

Clearsense's wide range of solutions retired hundreds of applications with high maintenance costs, creating efficiency for the organization both in employee hours and cost savings of $65M annually.
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Does Your Organization Struggle with These Data Challenges?

  • Lack of a holistic view of their data due to too little data standardization across registries.
  • Data collection issues due to the use of various and inefficient form creation tools.
  • Data fragmentation across multiple data stores and data formats.
  • Constrained to a ‘one size fits all’ view of the patient that does not recognize each disease’s unique characteristics and treatments.
  • Increased bottlenecks due to lack of data access and reliance on specialized technical skills.
  • Unable to maximize their data’s potential for research due to outdated analytics packages.
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Build, manage, track and analyze disease registries effortlessly:

  • Significantly improve the workflow for the collection and distribution of datasets for informatics teams and end-users.
  • Elevate the quality of data and collection across registries.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of patients with the integration of multiple data sources.
  • Efficiently identify cohorts of patients potentially eligible for research.
  • Enhance data management and collaboration across multiple research projects.

Easy to Use,

Fully Self-Service

Designed to allow teams to efficiently supplement and update patient-level data, the application allows for instant access to patient disease data throughout the course of their treatment. With the ability to create personalized visualizations, Analysts build cohorts in minutes– without any requirement to query databases.

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