The Powerful Suite of 1Clearsense Applications

It’s time that healthcare had an all-in-one approach to data-driven decision-making. From archive and access, data management and science, analytics and reporting, the 1Clearsense data management platform and applications offer an ROI-forward approach—all from a single platform.

1Clearsense Data Management & Delivery Platform

Clean, trusted data is the cornerstone to running a healthy business and delivering the best possible outcomes for patients. Clearsense keeps data management easy and intuitive so teams can tap into the single-source of the truth whenever and wherever they need to.

Eliminating the need for a full team of data professionals, Clearsense products are easy to implement in any healthcare organization or team.

The 1Clearsense Data Management Platform is a secure and scalable platform that ingests, aggregates, and manages data allowing users to consume and use the data to make informed real-time decisions. With the ability to leverage data from disparate systems across the organization, Clearsense’s data-first approach eliminates assumptions and replaces them with a single source of trusted data. Finally, you can trust your data!

Healthcare Analytics Clearsense 20/20 Icon

Clearsense 20/20™

With the advanced analytics solutions from Clearsense, your organization gains tools that are agile and interpretable, providing trusted insights much sooner than our competitors. More importantly, it removes the technical knowledge and skills required, empowering everyday users to go beyond reports that only look backward – exploring and transforming data into insights and actions to change tomorrow’s outcomes

Archive & Access

Archive + Access

Investing in a healthcare data archival project is no small task. Whether meeting compliance regulations, retiring systems, or modernizing your application suite, legacy data should do more than collect dust. Clearsense products and solutions offer healthcare systems the unique power to keep raw data compliant, accessible, searchable, and valuable for future insights.



Smarter business decisions and better patient outcomes demand data-driven insights. Clearsense products deliver a new level of data exploration built to strengthen, simplify, and accelerate the way organizations search, analyze, and optimize data science and advanced analytics research.

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Population Health

Deliver distributed and powerful self-service population health analytics to everyone within an organization. User-friendly technology and intuitive workflows help increase and track the pace of data-driven system change, empowering everyone in the organization to use their data to make local but connected, transparent, and evidence-based decisions.

Clearsense Disease Registries Icon

Disease Registries

Designed to allow teams to efficiently supplement and update patient-level data, the application allows for instant access to patient disease data throughout the course of their treatment. With the ability to create personalized visualizations, Analysts build cohorts in minutes– without any requirement to query databases.

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Client Testimonials

We are moving to a single vendor archive across the enterprise. . . . Clearsense Ecosystem is being used at one of our facilities, and Clearsense is replacing all of our vendors. When I was first looking at Clearsense, they didn’t have a webpage and didn’t look like a data archiving vendor, but they are moving in the right direction. Clearsense has much faster turnaround times compared to our old vendors. We are looking at three-month turnaround times as opposed to one or two years. That is huge.

KLAS Collected Reference, Director, Current Client

We are really enabling analytic engines. We are enabling researchers. We are enabling the big data, analytic type of discoveries that could happen maybe in 2030, and we're not even thinking about today. But, by keeping this content in one container, we are enabling those discoveries and those researchers to be able to do their job more effectively in the future. When I think about what we're doing, it has everything to do with patient care, and it has everything to do with the accessibility of that data as these analytical engines grow in power.

Rob Lipowski, Senior Enterprise Architect, Cleveland Clinic

COVID has really kicked down the digital front door. And so you need a tool like Clearsense to collect data from all these disparate systems out there. Because now you've got remote patient monitoring. You've got EICUs. You've got virtual telemetry. You’ve got video visits. From a patient experience perspective, you want to bring people in a digital way and then decide whether they stay in a digital way or if they need to have an analog experience, which would be face-to-face with a provider. When you start looking at all of that, you've got to have data. You’ve got to have an ecosystem that can take all this information. Because it's not just Epic in the middle anymore.

Chuck Podesta, CIO, Renown Health

Leveraging the Clearsense Discover tool gives Banner Health researchers immediate access to safely and securely query our electronic health records on millions of patients across our academic and community research institutes. This provides us deeper access to our data and has proven helpful in supporting study design and patient recruitment.

Chad Jaeger, COO, Banner Research

I find Discover an incredibly promising, streamlined, and intuitive program that would change the way we pull data from complex systems that do not have the native ability to do so easily, such as Cerner.

Kenneth Tidwell, Research Program Manager, Banner Health

I would say I am probably saving about 5-10 hours a week. However, the more important aspect for us is that this tool is giving us options for patient data mining that we have not had before.

Michael Callan, Recruitment Program Manager, Banner Health Research Institute

The Clearsense leadership that we have worked with has listened closely. Unlike many of the other vendors I have worked with, Clearsense doesn't miss much. They have some smart people who listen to what we are saying and try to get to the meat and the intent of what we are saying rather than explaining their company's structure. The vendor is very good at using the Socratic Method rather than asking us to just fill out a template. They ask questions and then fill out a template in front of us so that we can see things without feeling bullied into standardization. The vendor is really good.

KLAS Collected Reference, Vice President, Current Client

The information we get from the product is complex but not overly so. The real thing Clearsense brings to the table is an opportunity for a shared language between all our different facilities. Each hospital in our organization is unique, but Clearsense provides a very non-threatening tool for pulling in information from the disparate systems. The system is a really good translator for us so that there is no system office bonking someone on the head to tell them what to do and how to do it. The vendor has a good way of allowing us to manage both information and people, and that has been really helpful for us. The vendor is very humble in their approach to guiding our system. Things have been great.

KLAS Collected Reference, Vice President, Current Client

We are able to interact with people at all levels of Clearsense. We have a really good relationship with the vendor, and when we have our regular calls, there are usually lots of different executives on the call. We are really candid with each other because we have a trusting relationship. We know that no one is trying to be manipulative. We are just trying to get a job done and figuring out how to make things work.

KLAS Collected Reference, Vice President, Current Client

We had a lot of spreadsheets floating around, and we all knew the pain of accidentally losing something or having different versions of the same sheet; we had all been there. During of our early meetings with the vendor, I told our project manager that I wanted to get to a place where my team didn't have to open another spreadsheet. The vendor agreed, and we talked about the path to get to that point and the steps we would need to take. We all agreed on the road map based on where both sides could meet. The vendor started to make a difference right away, and it was satisfying to see progress and watch everything move into the platform where it was visible, accessible, and usable for all.

KLAS Collected Reference, Vice President, Current Client

"The product is definitely usable; our organization would recommend the product, and we would buy it again. The product has very good technical themes, and Clearsense's data technology expertise is totally new and refreshing."

KLAS Collected Reference, Director, Current Client

"Clearsense’s executive involvement goes well when it really matters. When we have to solve something really critical, we can touch base with an on-site person regularly, and the vendor's entire team travels on-site. The fact that the vendor makes the effort to meet with us in person shows how much they care about the project and their customers. The vendor always delivers on the promises they make. All of our internal customers and business partners are happy with Clearsense because the vendor is transparent. If Clearsense does not have anything readily available, they tell us up front."

KLAS Collected Reference, Director, Current Client

"Clearsense’s ability to produce hard metrics that track baseline progress toward specific outcomes is outstanding. There is no ambiguity; all the information is perfectly clear or usable."

KLAS Collected Reference, CMIO, Current Client

"We have realized that we can leverage Clearsense's data platform design and build to help with data analytics and clinical decision-making. We have an IT innovation team of software engineers, and they are playing around with what we can do about long-term data analytics. We have a number of years in our EMR and some more distant data in Clearsense's system. We are looking at how we can extract data from both of those lakes and combine them. That process is really interesting to us and to Clearsense because everybody has a slightly different structural build. There is some balance, and there are some breakpoints between the two data lakes. When we can't use data from source A and source B and have to select the research projects, that gets a little cumbersome."

KLAS Collected Reference, CMIO, Current Client