The Future of Evidenced Based Medicine Is Happening Now.

Here’s your chance to accelerate your data science curriculum.

In 2019, Meharry Medical College surpassed elite schools to launch a Data Science Institute, drive predictive insights for underserved patients, and prepare students for the future of evidence-based medicine: all of this in less than 24 months.

How? They partnered with Clearsense.

Built to convert raw, unstructured data from any source, in any format, into a single source of truth, Clearsense is a flexible data-as-a-service platform helping Academic Health Science Centers accelerate data science maturity, optimize analytics tools, and shave years off of research timelines.

By identifying relationships across a much more complete picture of patient populations, they are uncovering questions that go much deeper than clinical information and now have the potential to lay the groundwork for improved patient outcomes.

With Clearsense, students and researchers can access powerful insights in hours, not months, and fast-tracking grant applications in days, not years.

Imagine what we could do for your data.

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