We Have a Problem!

We are drowning in data. EMR data, environmental data, biomedical data, social determinant data…
the list is infinite.

Clearsense Can.

Our passion is leveraging subject matter experts, process improvement engineers and your data – all of your data – to provide insight, create measurable outcomes, and apply data science for predictive modeling.

What is Clearsense?

Clearsense is a data ecosystem that provides an environment to fuse all of your data across any healthcare system.

It’s also Mission Control for Healthcare: Professional services and technology working together to provide insight, create measurable outcomes, and leverage data science that supports continuous improvement.

Mission Control for Healthcare

Our technology and methodology solutions are developed and designed by healthcare executives, clinicians, and subject matter experts.

Together, we can help your team navigate from disparate workflows and siloed data to lean workflows and a single source of truth.

Clearsense Service Model

Real-time insights, for Real-time performance.
Future insights, for Future success.

What does
Clearsense do?

The Clearsense solution is four categories creating a path to enterprise-wide validated continuous improvement.

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Clearsense works with any data source to help you efficiently detect changes in patients for optimized outcomes, track key performance indicators to drive costs, and leverage data to improve operational efficiencies.