Mergers and Acquisitions

A streamlined approach to combining data

Let combined data power more successful transactions.

Clearsense Mergers and Acquisitions Program delivers a streamlined approach to combining data across newly merged or acquired organizations. Our AI-powered data conversion is more accurate and provides a faster speed to value than traditional manual abstraction processes.

From consolidating employee and operations data to importing patient records, results, and transcriptions, Clearsense keeps data bottlenecks from blocking the ROI of Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions.

Key Benefits

  • Save: Gain immediate ROI by reducing the time and cost of manual abstraction
  • Simplify: Consolidate data from disparate systems and sources
  • Secure: Reduce human errors and retain accuracy
  • Scale: Deliver faster access to unified data across multiple teams, regions, and organizations

Make data the bridge not the roadblock to successful M&A

Bring your teams together with easy access to data they can trust.

Giving newly-formed teams and organizations easy access to accurate data is critical to a seamless continuation of service. Unfortunately, most healthcare M&As are vulnerable to long, stressful, error-prone processes when they combine applications, systems, and data.

Clearsense Mergers and Acquisitions Program ingests and converts data from any source or application and makes it easy for your team to view, search, and analyze data in a user-friendly, consumer-grade interface.

When your newly formed team needs to find answers about patient records, visits, results, referrals and more, the Clearsense Mergers and Acquisitions Program simplifies a number of tasks:

  • Enable faster application conversions across organizations
  • EMPI, CCDs, and HL7-based data conversion for patients, visits, results, orders, transcriptions, and other key data
  • Accelerate applications for many common EHRs, ERPs, and ancillary systems
  • Our AI/ML approach to identifying data elements allows us to quickly understand and format data for conversion needs.
  • Convert data at a system level, not manually at the individual patient level.

Nov 17, 2021

Clearsense Ranked 440 Fastest-Growing Company in North America on the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™

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Sep 22, 2021

Clearsense Acquires Plug-and-Play AI Analytics Firm

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