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Clearsense White Paper How AI and Governance Can Transform Healthcare

The Next Industrial Revolution

Healthcare is in a perfect storm of rising demands, staff shortages, burnout, and ever-shrinking bottom lines. With regulations shifting, digital health and higher expectations than ever before thrown in the mix, MDConnectInc found, “nearly 80 percent of physicians report they ‘sometime, often, or always, experience symptoms of burnout.”

Transforming healthcare is a monumental feat. In this White Paper, we discuss how every facet of healthcare, from chronic care management to diagnosis, clinical support to diagnostics and delivery, will be stretched to its limit without a solution in place.

Could artificial intelligence (AI) and data governance be the answer to approaching patient care in a new way, elevating better health for providers who serve their communities?

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Key Points

Dive in to leading industry insights and uncover some fast facts on AI and Data Governance in this Clearsense White Paper, “The Next Industrial Revolution: How AI and Governance can Transform Healthcare.”

  • The Value of AI + Data Governance
  • What’s Stalling Organizations
  • 3 Truths Around Data Governance
  • Combining AI + Data Governance: A Use Case

Base your organization’s decisions on trusted healthcare data.

Learn more about Clearsense 20/20, the next-generation advanced healthcare analytics and AI platform.

Kate-Madonna Hindes

Director of Marketing

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