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This Week Health‘s Bill Russell stopped by the Clearsense Booth for an Interview in Action live from ViVe 2023 with Randy Fusco, Global Healthcare CTO at Clearsense. What can bad architecture in Health IT lead to? Find out in this short interview, including the message Randy shares with clients and with the industry to describe the numerous solutions Clearsense provides. Randy will also discuss what problems healthcare is solving with Clearsense in particular.

During this interview, Bill Russell and Randy Fusco discuss:

  • The challenges of data integration and management in healthcare
  • The benefits of using a platform-based approach to healthcare data management
  • The importance of data governance and privacy in healthcare
  • How Clearsense is working to improve interoperability between healthcare systems and providers
  • The potential impact of predictive analytics on healthcare outcomes
  • The need for healthcare organizations to prioritize data management and analytics as part of their overall strategy
  • The role of patient data in driving personalized medicine and improving patient outcomes

"In healthcare, we're not just dealing with data. We're dealing with people's lives. And so, the bar is much higher for what we need to do with the data to ensure that we're not just being accurate, but we're doing it in a way that is safe, that is ethical, and that is appropriate for the patient's care."

Randy FuscoGlobal Healthcare CTO, Clearsense

If you are interested in learning more about the 1Clearsense Data Management Platform, schedule a meeting with us at HIMSS 23, booth #7527.

Leann Vranesh

Marketing Manager

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