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HIMSS23 Clearsense Lunch and Learn Data Literacy

In this HIMSS23 Lunch and Learn in Chicago, Clearsense’s Data Governance Principal Advisor, Terri Mikol, delivered an engaging presentation on the importance of a holistic data governance program in enhancing data literacy within organizations. This session aimed to provide valuable insights and proven methods from real healthcare organizations, catering to all levels of the workforce, from C-suite executives to front-line staff.

Key Points Explored:

  • Problem: Information demand exceeds analytic resource supply
  • Solution: Elevate data literacy to increase the supply of analytic resources
  • Understanding how adults learn best
  • Making education relevant to healthcare professionals
  • Data Governance components that enhance data literacy

When an asset becomes strategic, it starts showing up in every job description. ... Every single person in your organization ends up with a data-related role.

Terri MikolData Governance Principal Advisor

Elevating data literacy is a vital step toward harnessing the power of data in healthcare organizations. Clearsense, through its Data Governance Advisory Services, offers valuable expertise and guidance in implementing effective data governance programs that enhance data literacy at all levels.

If you’re ready to treat your data as an asset, contact us about our Data Governance Advisory Services.

Leann Vranesh

Marketing Manager

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