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In this webinar recorded for CHIME members, Clearsense Data Governance Principal Advisor, Terri Mikol, explored how a holistic data governance program includes the components for elevating data literacy at a healthcare organization. Watch our recording and learn from proven methods at real healthcare organizations for all workforce levels: C-suite to front-line staff. 

This presentation is for healthcare leaders who are tasked with implementing a data literacy program.

In this data literacy webinar, recorded for CHIME members, we discuss:

  • The demand for information continues to exceed the supply of analytic resources
  • Solution: increase the supply of analytic resources by elevating data literacy
  • How do adults learn best
  • How to make the education relevant 
  • Data Governance components

The biggest challenge that I see is not what I call data illiteracy. I don't think that's necessarily the problem, but it's the lack of transparency of the data and analytics footprint in our organization. So, what happens to the data after a user keys it into an application? Everything that happens to it before it shows up on a dashboard or a report? It is that lack of transparency that makes it all kind of a secret sauce that only handfuls of people know how to explain.

Terri MikolData Governance Principal Advisor

If you’re ready to treat your data as an asset, contact us about our Data Governance Advisory Services.

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