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In our first Virtual Lunch and Learn event, we sat down with Rob Lipowski, Senior Enterprise Architect at Cleveland Clinic, to discuss his application rationalization project. When it comes to the future of data at the Cleveland Clinic, Rob says, “The Cleveland Clinic is a research-based institution with innovation at its core.”

In this video, we talk about these important points:

  • How the Cleveland Clinic started an application rationalization project
  • How to prioritize and start a project
  • Data governance within an application rationalization project
  • The decision-making process
  • How to choose a data platform tool
  • Compliance and security standards
  • Benefits of historical data
  • Best practices in pursuing a data application rationalization project
  • Lessons learned
  • Vision and strategy for the future of using a data platform

Rob noted that his priority for Cleveland Clinic is making the best long-term decisions regarding both the applications to maintain as well as the data behind each rationalized application. Having the data on one platform made all the difference.

We are really enabling analytic engines. We are enabling researchers. We are enabling the big data, analytic-type of discoveries that could happen maybe in 2030, and we’re not even thinking about today. But, by keeping this content in one container, we are enabling those discoveries and those researchers to be able to do their job more effectively in the future. When I think about what we’re doing, it has everything to do with patient care, and it has everything to do with the accessibility of that data as these analytical engines grow in power

Rob LipowskiSenior Enterprise Architect | Cleveland Clinic

At Clearsense, our mission is to innovate and collaborate with our customers, channel partners, and industry leaders to future-proof toolsets, accelerate data maturity and gain insights using data-driven decisions.

There’s been a lot of changes within the healthcare space, between mergers and acquisitions, consolidation of technologies and applications, and really just an ever-changing landscape,” said Clearsense President, Kevin Field. “There is a focus on retaining data in its native format so that it can be preserved for future use cases, reducing cost, reducing the amount of security concerns that exist. So, application rationalization is really that effort to take those applications and consolidate them, and really have the ability to decommission them.

Kevin FieldPresident

Application rationalization on a data platform is a great first step toward data maturity. Are you ready? Contact us today to get in touch with our team.

Leann Vranesh

Marketing Manager

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