[Video] Tech Talk: Data Hubs, Warehouses, Lakes, & Lakehouses - Making Sense of Evolving Data Architecture

Apr 27, 2022

Clearsense Tech Talk Data Hub Blog

There have been many buzzwords thrown around when it comes to healthcare data management. But, do you know the true difference between a data lake and a data warehouse? Do you know if a data hub or a data lakehouse best meets the needs of your organization?

In this short Tech Talk, recorded live at the ViVE 2022 conference in Miami Beach, Clearsense Chief Strategy Officer, Rick Shepardson, and VP of Platform Engineering, Vin Patel, discuss the evolution of data hubs, warehouses, lakes, and lakehouses and how your organization can be set up for future success.

"We need to get ourselves of the technology. We need to get ourselves into the use case. We need to get ourselves into understanding how the business uses the data."
-Rick Shepardson, Chief Strategy Officer

Watch the full presentation below.

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