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This Week Health Solution Showcase Clearsense Kevin Field Jeff Jones ViVE 2023

Live from the Clearsense booth at ViVE 2023 in Nashville, This Week Health‘s Bill Russell talks interoperability and data management with SVP of Product Management at UPMC, Jeff Jones, and Clearsense President, Kevin Field.

In this discussion, we tackle data interoperability challenges in healthcare and key benefits using Clearsense. Data standardization and normalization across different healthcare institutions also play key roles in this conversation, with an emphasis on the importance of data governance to create a trusted data environment that fosters intelligent interoperability.

Want to learn how to keep your data secure AND attainable? Want to know how trusted data enables intelligent interoperability and why is it important for data discovery and access to information? Tune in to this Solution Showcase Podcast to find out more.

During this Solution Showcase, Bill Russell, Jeff Jones, and Kevin Field discuss:

  • Intelligent interoperability
  • Culture and governance around data governance
  • Privacy and security
  • Partner ecosystem
  • Patient data ownership

"UPMC, right now, we exist as over 40 different hospital sites ... First and foremost, it's through the partnership with the PHDA, the curation of UPMC's data and the presentation of this data in this manner through the Clearsense Research Portal and the 1Clearsense Platform, that our researchers are ultimately going to be exposed to content that historically they've never been exposed in a manner that doesn't require significant clinical hand holding to explain what that data is."

Jeff JonesSVP, of Product Management at UPMC

If you are interested in learning more about the 1Clearsense Data Management Platform, schedule free demo to see it in action!

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