Get to Know: Chipper Keener, Regional Director

Jul 08, 2022

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Half golf-aficionado and half-healthcare solutions architect, Chipper Keener putts all Clearsense has to offer to our clients with wit and wisdom. Get to know our Regional Director of Sales and what he's most passionate about below...

Q: What specifically speaks to your heart about the Clearsense suite of AI tools?

A: I think specifically; the ability to bridge the gap between the business and IT side of the health system and allow the business users to be supported by Clearsense and IT. It lightens the load on the IT teams and allows for the business teams to trust that their data is accurate. We can minimize application usage and provide quantifiable impact to the P&L. I would say that speaks to my heart because if I can help you become 1% better, I sleep better at night.

Q: Where do you think healthcare is going — how can Clearsense help our industry get there?

A: With the development of cloud-based platforms, there will be a lot of people using key buzzwords to try and sound unique when they are all saying the same thing. The differentiator of Clearsense is the ability to be adjunctive to current strategies and tools that are deemed valuable to an organization, making their other investments, including their people, more valuable as well.

Q: What are you most passionate about in our industry and company?

A: Helping people that help people. It is widely known that healthcare data is behind the times. Being able to provide a solution that can rapidly augment operational initiatives and allow for the business to run smoother and the patient care to be improved is a great mission statement.

Q: What's your biggest wish for healthcare data?

A: I am going to borrow a phrase from our CIO/CTO Charles Boicey, "We want to bring back health care and prevent any more 'sick care.'"

Q: Can you share a little about your data journey-- how did you end up at Clearsense?

A: I don't think we have enough time for my life transition from wannabe professional golfer to Director at Clearsense, but I will say that I got started in the SaaS industry seven years ago, working for a few large organizations, and I knew of Jason and Gene from their local success with founding another organization. I knew that I wanted to work for someone that saw me as more than just a salesperson. The culture of Clearsense is what attracted me here. We laugh and joke whenever we are together. There is transparency throughout the different teams. And most of all, we have people here that came from facilities we are now partnering with. The Executive team, all the way down to our newest hires, all share a voice. We can be split up into different sides of the building and come back together with the same mission for the success of the organization and our partners. I don't know of a lot of places that operate like that.

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