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Provider and Location Data
Provider and Location Data

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Learn how a large distributed healthcare system helped staff regain trust in their provider and location data and gave their team the power to pursue powerful outcomes related to referral management, market analysis, and patient retention. It’s also the story of how Clearsense purpose-built a data-driven application that aggregated, governed, and presented a single, rich data set for end-user consumption.







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The Challenge

Like most healthcare organizations, managing continuous provider and location information changes can be overwhelming. Maintaining a holistic, accurate view of the data in one system is a full-time job in and of itself. Introducing 5, 10, or 20 additional parallel data sources across multiple locations results in near impossible maintenance.

That said, this data powers day-to-day operations by informing clinicians, patient access staff, marketing, patients, and other key stakeholder groups. Healthcare organizations can’t afford to provide incorrect information to key stakeholders, nor should they miss out on the opportunity to fully leverage this information to optimize future decision-making.

Our client needed an application that could address:

Data Management Provider Location Data Single Source Truth

Single Source of Truth

Data Management Provider Location Data Trust Data Governance

Trust in Data with Governance

Data Management Provider Location Data Driven Outcomes

Powerful Data-driven Outcome Potential

Our Application

Clearsense Delivers a Purpose Built Single Source of Truth for Provider and Location Data

The Clearsense team started by facilitating discovery sessions with client stakeholders to inventory existing systems, workflows, and pain points. The fundamental issue quickly became clear; individual stakeholder groups maintained personalized sources of information, knew that these sources were out-of-date, but did not know how to reconcile or address the overarching problem. After the Clearsense team inventoried the data landscape and understood current-state data usage, they turned their focus to the desired end-state for stakeholders – a single source of truth with a custom, role-based user interface. Beyond creating this single source, Clearsense provided supplementary analysis and tools that would put this healthcare system in a position to maximize the value of its provider and location data.

Clearsense began aggregating data from the identified sources, mapping that data, and laying out a plan for data governance that would lead to a trusted, accurate set of information. Clearsense’s blend of technology and services eliminated much of the manual data analysis that our client would typically need to perform, queuing up key decisions and discrepancies for the project team to address.

Alongside data aggregation and governance, Clearsense made it simple for this healthcare system’s staff to visualize and analyze all data in a customized UI and reference tool. This includes comprehensive provider demographics and the ability to perform complex analytical queries when appropriate. To close the loop with downstream systems and ensure the cleansed data does not become “dirty” again, Clearsense enabled connections to several downstream applications, including the client’s public website.

The Outcomes/Results

When marketing teams, patient access teams, and other key stakeholders need provider and location data, they have a single source of information. More importantly, they finally trust that this data is correct because they understand where the data comes from and have confidence that the Clearsense technology is providing a consolidated, comprehensive view.

Armed with easy access to accurate data, our client saw an immediate lift in resource efficiency and the overall peace of mind stakeholders gain through data confidence. This data flows to critical downstream locations, such as the public-facing website and nationwide databases. When patients call the healthcare organization asking for an appointment or verifying provider information, they have everything they need to search for the correct information and confidently answer their patients.

In addition, the client’s Data Analyst team can now utilize dashboard-level summaries of their data and use these views to spot market trends that impact business decisions.

Use of this tool has enabled us to have more timely access to our provider information in a way that we haven’t seen before. The new system improves efficiency, provides better information to support patient access and increases the confidence of our key stakeholders. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

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