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Clearsense Data Survey: What do AI, Data Quality, EHR Issues, and Resources All Have in Common?

Did You Know: 40% of respondents in a recent Clearsense Data Survey on LinkedIn stated their healthcare organization had issues with data quality and consistency? A combined 53% of other respondents mentioned that EHR issues, combined with employee time and organizational resources, were causing a major headache. 7% of those that responded to the survey cited AI as a major conundrum their organization was facing.

Clearsense Data Survey: What do AI, Data Quality, EHR Issues, and Resources All Have in Common?

ITSM teams and CIOs alike need new options for crumbling infrastructure and budgeting woes, and the truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Healthcare organizations don’t have to struggle with data quality and implementation. Here’s how we would recommend each of the Clearsense Data Survey respondents get ahead …

Mind The Gap: Raising Quality and Consistency With Interoperability

Closing interoperability gaps is one effective and strategic way to reduce costs and elevate patient outcomes. Randy Fusco, Clearsense Chief Technology Officer believes that value-based care elevates both humans and the bottom line. He shared recently, “Value-based care is a healthcare delivery model that prioritizes improving patient outcomes while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs.” Great value-based care models start with trusted data.

“Interoperability enables healthcare providers to access patient data from different healthcare systems, making it easier to diagnose, treat, and manage patients. With access to a patient’s complete medical history, healthcare providers can make more informed decisions, avoid duplicating tests or procedures and reduce the risk of medical errors. By improving care coordination and information sharing, interoperability can lead to better patient outcomes and quality of care.” (Read more)

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Artificial Intelligence—Not Hype

Human-centric AI has tremendous possibilities in healthcare, and many organizations already see the impacts. While some product leaders are confused as to when to add AI into their tech stack, Gartner believes that understanding timing and adding intelligence can give healthcare providers an advantage. According to Gartner, “Human-centered AI (HCAI) is a common AI designed principle calling forAI to benefit people and society. In some cases, it also redressed the negative consequences of human behavior. HCAI assumes a partnership model of people and AI working together to enhance cognitive performance, including learning, decision making, and new experience.” Clearsense was named a sample vendor for Human-centered AI in a 2022 Gartner Emerging Tech Impact Radar. Read the report here.

Shorten The Runway To ROI & Remove Resource Woes

With most organizations facing a two-and-a-half year runway before they realize ROI and value from their data providers, it’s no wonder healthcare is struggling to buy into solutions that are years from offering profitability. In today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, agility and speed are important facets of patient care and research. Is your organization missing out on opportunities for growth and success?

When healthcare data implementation is done correctly, both resources and capital are freed, allowing clinics and hospitals to raise staffing and offer better, more personalized clinical care.

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Survey Says …

With Clearsense, there’s a better way to integrate data into each department of your healthcare organization. Ready to get started? See first-hand how your organization can drive faster outcomes in clinical, financial, and operational environments. We built our platform with YOU in mind, empowering end-users to take the data they need when they need it. Request a demo today!

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