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We are back from HIMSS23 in Chicago, and we had a blast connecting with a diverse group of healthcare payer and provider leaders. Our 1Clearsense data management and delivery platform received a lot of buzz, illustrating how data can revolutionize healthcare. We were thrilled to be a part of a community that is making a significant impact on the healthcare industry through advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making. As we reflect on our experience, we’re excited to share more insights on what we’ve learned about the future of healthcare.

Our booth was bustling like the streets of the Windy City, with attendees eager to learn about how our 1Clearsense platform can help them quickly and easily analyze and visualize healthcare data. We gave live demonstrations of our platform’s data visualization and analytics tools, which received enthusiastic responses from those in attendance.

Subbu Ravi, Clearsense Solutions Engineer, helped with many of our demos. When asked about HIMSS, he said, “My biggest takeaway was the reality and the enormity of the business case for our data management platform. The industry needs what we have now more than ever, and there aren’t much options that even come close.”

Clearsense Rick Shepardson with This Week Health at HIMSS23
1Clearsense Team at HIMSS23

Another highlight for us at HIMSS23 was our Lunch and Learn session, where Terri Mikol, Principal Data Governance Advisor for Clearsense, discussed how healthcare can start treating data as an asset by putting data governance practices in place. It was great to see a full room of healthcare professionals eager to learn about how to properly manage healthcare data. This session emphasized the need for healthcare organizations to understand their data and govern it properly for the sake of patient care and outcomes.

Terri said, “Everyone I encountered was eager to collaborate and learn!  The passion for improving patient experiences and outcomes while reducing costs is at an all time high!”

The energy and drive to elevate healthcare and patient outcomes really blew us away at HIMSS. Data and innovation around AI/ML took center stage.

Kevin Field, President of Clearsense, noted, “HIMSS felt energized with new life looking to reclaim its identity as a place for healthcare leaders and innovators to collaborate on the future of healthcare. The tone has shifted from focusing on getting the basics down, which was needed when government regulations mandated need to digitize healthcare, to creativity and problem-solving, with attendees looking for novel approaches to change healthcare as we know it today.”

We were proud to be a part of a conversation about the future of healthcare data. Providers and payers are increasingly leveraging their data to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and streamline operations. We’re excited to continue driving innovation in the industry and collaborating with other healthcare information and technology professionals to improve patient care.

Overall, HIMSS23 was a huge success for us, and we’re excited about the future of healthcare data. We’re committed to continuing to provide healthcare organizations with the tools they need to understand and leverage their data to drive better patient outcomes.

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