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FHIR chats with ClearsenseGlobal

FHIR-side Chats with Clearsense

Discover how FHIR is transforming healthcare data interoperability, its importance, and how Clearsense implements FHIR. Explore predictions for the future and the challenges that have slowed its adoption.
Leann Vranesh
June 6, 2023
Top 5 Spots in Madison for UGMGlobal

Top 5 Spots to Check Out in Madison at the Epic UGM

The Epic UGM is right around the corner. And while we're sure you're excited to collaborate and network with other healthcare professionals, we know that you may also be looking for a thing or two to do on your nights off. We reached out to our Madison, WI local team members, including President Kevin Field, to compile some top recommendations to check out in the downtown Madison area to help make your trip, well, epic.
Leann Vranesh
July 15, 2022
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