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Is your organization struggling to unlock the true potential behind data-driven decisions? Finding trusted answers from a deluge of numbers and patterns requires a shift in how data is both accessed and managed. It is time to elevate the data literacy of your entire workforce and supply users with the information they need - faster and easier than ever before; making self-service analytics a reality. Meet Data Hub by Clearsense.

Clearsense’s Data Hub is an intelligent, secure, and scalable data management and delivery platform for healthcare that provides a trusted, clear view of what’s driving your organization forward.

    Business Led. IT Enabled.

    Data-related decisions are business owned and operated, extending data management beyond IT.

    Your Data. Your Way.

    Organize data to fit the operational needs of your business, not the requirements of technology.

    Futuristic Asset.

    Bring together the people, processes, and technology in your organization to change the mindset about data and treat it as a future-forward asset.

    Empowering Data Confident Users

    With the Clearsense Data Hub, organizations have a single source of truth that allows users to have confidence in their data, making informed, real-time decisions. Most importantly, users know where the data comes from and what it means, offering a clearer path to solutions that are as sustainable as they are efficient.

    The Clearsense exclusive SaaS platform provides an enterprise approach to the management of:

    • Master & reference data
    • Data quality
    • Metadata
    • Data policy
    • Data stewards
    • Analytics governance.

    Join the revolution of data asset management and transform your organization from both the top-down and bottom-up — all from our intelligent data management and delivery platform: Data Hub.

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    Improve trust in your data, reducing the unknowns. Always know the lineage and source of the data driving your decision-making.


    With a single source of truth, your data works to support ongoing governance initiatives, making self-service analytics a reality.


    Elevate the analytics ability of your organization by increasing the data literacy of your staff & engaging more in enterprise data work.

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