Data Governance Advisory Services

A flexible, functional approach to an enterprise-wide Data Governance Program

Data Governance is an art, not a science.

In order for it to work in your healthcare organization, you need a practical approach with real-world advice and less theory.

Starting a new data governance program on your own is tough. You may struggle to get support from leadership, causing you to start over again and again. You may have some good procedures in place, but you've failed to scale across the entire organization. If data governance continues to be driven by IT, and not the business as a whole, you can miss opportunities to reduce conflicting, duplicating analytics solutions and have trouble seeing a true return on investment.

Stop seeing data governance as a "nice-to-have" and recognize it as a "must-have" in your organization.

Clearsense is responding to the diversity in data governance maturity across healthcare with a flexible and functional approach to starting a Data Governance Program.

  • Custom advisory services designed to address your specific culture, available resources, and desired rate of change
  • Continuous guided action focused on scale, sustainability, and operationalizing a sustainable business function beyond initial projects
  • Sharing years of practical experience and unique approaches with direct coaching to elevate the confidence and abilities of your internal resources

Data Governance Webinar

See first-hand how our approach to data governance works and how it could be applied within your organization. Have a question for our expert? Just ask!

Client Testimonial

We are a few months into working together and I am so very pleased with the progress of the program. Terri has streamlined and simplified the vast amount of information and “best practices” published about Data Governance. From role descriptions, when to meet, how to meet, and most importantly, how to engage senior business leaders, everything is well defined. Terri brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, a tuned program roadmap, many lessons learned, unique approaches to common challenges and is able to communicate that knowledge (without confusing consultant jargon) in a trustworthy, accessible way that has really resonated with all levels of the organization.

— Andrew Figueroa, Data Governance Committee Chair
Jackson Health System (Miami, FL)

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