Covid Data Aggregation

Daily COVID-19 Reports Consolidated and Auto-updated Available on Github.

Complete Temporal COVID-19 Data Set

Clearsense has taken the daily COVID-19 reports gathered by Johns Hopkins, cleaned and consolidated the data, creating a complete temporal data set with a start date of January 21, 2020. Our team accounted for the many daily changes to the data, producing a new data set in a .csv file to simplify pandemic data reporting and tracking.

Having this complete, clean data set decreases the time necessary for product visualizations or data science products. The data set is auto-updated every 24 hours with two types of .csv files for public use: one is the raw consolidated time sequence file, the second is a global view of confirmed cases across time.

Both files are available on GitHub: https://github.com/ClearsenseData/COVID-Data

The inputs are daily report files that record the daily count of confirmed, deaths, and recovered by Country/Region and Providence/State.

Sample Daily Data Set:

After Data Processing the daily update brings together all daily reports into one unified data set for reporting and tracking daily counts at the Country_Region / Province_State/Sub_Region levels.

Sample Final Data Set:

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