Application Rationalization

A cost-effective data archiving tool with the unique power to keep your raw data compliant, accessible, searchable, and useful for future insights

Do more than store your old data.

From consolidating and reducing legacy application maintenance costs to viewing historical reports and exploring data science, Clearsense Application Rationalization is a smart way to do more than store your legacy data.

Key Benefits

  • Save: Gain immediate ROI by reducing costs of legacy application maintenance fees
  • Simplify: Consolidate old data in one easy access, cost-effective cloud solution
  • Secure: Meet legal data storage requirements with granular, AD-based, access permissions and restrictions
  • Search: Make it easier for users to find what they need quickly
  • Scale: Do more with your legacy data by enabling analytic discoveries as your data maturity evolves.

Legacy data that does more than collect dust

Looking back at data to drive smarter decisions in the future.

Giving your team access to historical legal medical records and operation reports arms them with the knowledge and insights to improve across clinical, financial, operational, and marketing initiatives.

Clearsense Application Rationalization is an AI-assisted tool that quickly ingests data from any source and makes it easy for your team to view, search, and analyze legacy data from any archived system in a user-friendly, consumer-grade interface.

When your team needs to find answers from historical medical records and operational data, Clearsense Application Rationalization simplifies a number of tasks:

  • Help your team prepare legal medical records and aggregate data across any archived legacy system
  • Give your team a flexible, unified report viewer for images, tabular reports, and dashboard visualizations
  • Accelerate applications for many common EHRs, ERPs, and ancillary systems
  • Deliver intuitive, elastic search capabilities to support faster results
  • Provide a direct integration with live applications through EMPI and patient contextual links

Application Rationalization Webinar

We sat down with our client to learn how they took a cost-savings initiative and turned it into a future-proofed application rationalization project on the Clearsense data platform.

As a request from Cleveland Clinic, we have this webinar recording available at request only. Please fill out the form to access the link to view.

Client Testimonial

“We are really enabling analytic engines. We are enabling researchers. We are enabling the big data, analytic-type of discoveries that could happen maybe in 2030, and we're not even thinking about today. But, by keeping this content in one container, we are enabling those discoveries and those researchers to be able to do their job more effectively in the future. When I think about what we're doing, it has everything to do with patient care, and it has everything to do with the accessibility of that data as these analytical engines grow in power.”

— Rob Lipowski, Senior Enterprise Architect
Cleveland Clinic

Sep 22, 2021

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Aug 26, 2021

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